This seems pretty hype

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#51 by Jazz957
2021-12-12 at 02:37
< report >JAST USA seems to be teasing a localization. link
#52 by Ileca
2021-12-12 at 04:39
< report >Nice. I see you are still on the fence for this one.
#53 by Jazz957
2021-12-16 at 04:58
< report >The localization has been announced for Jan. 7th. link
It's available for pre-order which gives you immediate access to Gaiden. Price is ~30 USD/~26 Euros.

Seems it's also available in Chinese.Last modified on 2021-12-16 at 05:05
#54 by serzh
2022-01-09 at 20:09
< report >Still no english release yet.
#55 by Jazz957
2022-01-09 at 20:22
< report >What are you talking about? It's been out for a while.
#56 by serzh
2022-01-09 at 20:34
< report >I mean to download.
#57 by Jazz957
2022-01-09 at 20:35
< report >That's what I'm saying, unless you mean on GOG.
#58 by serzh
2022-01-09 at 20:39
< report >Not GOG, I mean free.
#59 by kn1000a
2022-01-10 at 06:17
< report >@58 game is not free, you can get it from JAST which has regional pricing (friend got it for $8, I have to pay the full $30)
#60 by serzh
2022-01-10 at 12:15
< report >I know it is not free, thanks.
#61 by Latnemurtsni
2022-01-12 at 18:48
< report >Y'all know if it's as good as this one? Seems a bit more dull at first glance, not sure yet.Last modified on 2022-01-12 at 18:49
#62 by Jazz957
2022-01-12 at 19:50
< report >I'm not sure why you're comparing them, they don't seem at all similar other than having magical girls.
#63 by kn1000a
2022-01-16 at 18:13
< report >Game is also out on Steam, uncut link

@61 I think both aren't the same. DEA will definitely be much darker.


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