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#1 by kilicool64
2020-10-03 at 14:30
< report >You recently linked some of Iwaihime's releases to CRIware. I don't think this technology can be considered an engine. To the best of my understanding, it's just middleware used by a variety of engines.

I took a look at the Steam demo's file names, and it looks like it runs on the same nameless in-house engine Regista previously used for Root Double. But it's not like they're the only ones who use CRIware. Engines from other companies that use it are probably very different, so I don't think it should be treated as its own engine.

Otherwise, this could become problematic if we come across a VN that runs on an engine that has an actual name, yet also uses CRIware. We'd have to give the same release two engines.
#2 by tester
2020-10-05 at 09:40
< report >Hmm... CRIware may be considered so. And CRIware may be used with different specifics. CRIware also is used as a plugin for other. I know some examples, for example, Unity+CRIware.

But I did look only on the original release, not English demo.

And even CRIware is so, the games with it close to always has, for example, it's archive/image formats (sometimes not only). And even if thou to define the game as another engine althgether, it won't be clearly it.
For example, Unity+CRIware (as Unity+Funges, for example) games and "clear" Unity games are not the same. They have some number of differences.Last modified on 2020-10-05 at 09:45


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