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#1 by loplick13
2020-10-04 at 08:05
< report >Hi. I'm looking for any kind of VN, nukige, eroge, anything, it doesn't matter. That has a son(it must be a male) be the hero/ a good guy, and the mom a villain/bad guy. This dichotomy interests me a lot and I want to see how such a relationship plays out.

The closest I came was these two VNs/character that comes to mind. The fist one is is Marie from Starless. She a crazy, sadistic bitch, that is not against even killing people, but still "tries" to be a good mom for her son; who is also an asshole. You can tell she cares for her son in her own twisted and fucked up way. This one was kind of hit or miss.

Diabolical lovers with Cordelia is another one. But the VN seemed to have been deleted from this database. This one is exactly almost what I'm looking for. It was close to the perfect fit. Except the Son's were not good guys per se.

I tried the villain and mother tag in all sorts of combinations but couldn't find what I was looking for.

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#2 by barfboy
2020-10-08 at 05:39
< report >Inraku no Ketsuzoku ~Kindan no Jubaku~
#3 by loplick13
2020-10-09 at 06:48
< report >Thank you so much. I will give this a try and report back to see if I liked the game or not.
#4 by barfboy
2020-10-10 at 03:04
< report >She's definitely the villain, I don't know if it's close to what you're looking for. You can read the spoilers if you want to know if it's for you before wasting your time but of course doing so will ruin the experience. Tough call.
#5 by loplick13
2020-10-18 at 10:33
< report >Not 100% what I wanted, but not bad. I can say I enjoyed my time with it. Thanks again for rec'ing it. I'm super starved for content like this that I'll even take real IRL novels, fanfics, LNs, anything.


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