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#1 by kirnsteinz
2011-06-18 at 20:18
do anyone know hook code for this game? version 1.1 if you could. thanksLast modified on 2011-06-20 at 05:59
#2 by justinizhere
2011-06-18 at 21:57
wait, so you posted in the section for this game asking for the hook code for a different game?

why didn't you post in the section for v1.1 instead?

or am i missing something entirely?Last modified on 2011-06-18 at 21:59
#3 by gabezhul
2011-06-18 at 22:09
Yes, you do. That game is a translated G-collections title, so the better question is: What the hell do you need an AGHT-hook for on the first place?!
Wait, I just realized... He was asking for a hook for the 1.1 version of THIS game... -.-'
For the love of Buddha's scrotum, don't confuse us like that! D:<

P.S.: No, I don't know the code, but we shall see if someone else does.
That said, please be more careful with the formating in the future, the system automatically quick-links any "v(number)" combinations, so write accordingly.Last modified on 2011-06-18 at 22:13
#4 by justinizhere
2011-06-19 at 00:28
oh I see now...I was so confused as to why he would nee a hook code for a already translated VN....
#5 by kirnsteinz
2011-06-20 at 05:58
hahaha, i mean the ag2dc version 1.1

anyone knows it?Last modified on 2011-06-20 at 05:59
#6 by arkady18
2011-06-20 at 10:41
I've just done a quick search using google, and it seems someone here succeeded in hooking the text


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