Ace Attorney release mess

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#1 by benjaminjunior
2020-10-08 at 23:29
< report >Hey, I would like to understand the release mess in vndb for Ace Attorney/gyakuten saiban games.
AA trilogy is a complete remaster that includes all three first games with new graphics, new menu to link them, and includes the last case for the first game (which wasn't included in the first japanese release, only on NA and EU versions). So why isn't it on vndb recorded as a complete brand new visual novel?
And I was asking myself: what for AA5 and AA6 DLCs? Both games have a new case to discover if you pay enough (4.99 for AA5 and 5.99 for AA6) on the nintendo eshop, doesn't it count as a single visual novel? Because it's released after, and on the side, with complete new content.
Thanks for asking my question.
#2 by behappyeveryday
2020-10-10 at 04:39
< report >Are you new here or something? New releases aren't considered as separate entries even if they add new content. Also, remaster doesn't really have "new graphics", it has the same graphics, just better rendered. And it has the absolutely the same content as earlier NA/EU versions. In comparison, some games like Little Busters Ecstasy have big new routes but still considered as just a different release of the same game. If it wasn't the case, there would be just way too many visual novel pages which would make it a real mess. Because it is way too common for games to have remakes or new releases with additional content. As long as the main plot stays more or less the same those new releases aren't considered as a separate entry. Even a new Yu-No game which actually has completely remastered graphics is like this.


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