sensei route (Spoilers route)

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#1 by c2k
2020-10-23 at 10:54
< report >With an extra short route of sensei, it feels pretty weird and out of place that why she have a route in the game. In the end, the only thing is highlighted was the confession scene only (for me) and then nothing else. I hate to say this but it is useless to put a sensei route, even if you make it a short extra route, there is still no meaning to add her. That my opinion after I just recently finished the game.
#2 by kageyama
2022-02-05 at 11:56
< report >well why dont they have makoto route i think is good have makoto route
#3 by velociraptor
2022-06-22 at 22:55
< report >Almost all Yuzusoft games have a tiny hidden route. You can just see the others.
And there are characters like her that didn't get a route in those other VNs as well.


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