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#1 by henryadams12345
2020-10-28 at 11:53
< report >Currently, in order to use the tag filter for VNs, you can't list too many or else it'll be impossible to get any results. This is because results for tag filters require the VN to have every single one of the tags that you included in the filter.

There should be a way that we can list, say, 20 different tag filters for VNs and it'll give us results of VNs that contain at least one of the tags (preferably listed in order of how many tags it contains from the filter i.e. the "best matches" get listed on top)
#2 by Yorhel
2020-10-28 at 12:02
< report >Heh, excellent timing. I'm working on overhauling the advanced search at the moment. Filtering tags by OR rather than AND will definitely be part of that.

Sorting by score will be more challenging, but if I can find a way to implement that without bringing down the server, that might just make it in.
#3 by rampaa
2020-10-28 at 13:45
< report >If the advanced search is being worked on, here's a few things missing at the moment:

-Age filter for characters
-"Real sex" filter for characters
-A resolution filter that doesn't rely on a static list
-VN search by anime relation (t3617.2413)
-More powerful character filters (t12970.9)
-Developer filter for VNs (link)
-"Visual Novel Filters" for Characters
-Exclusion/Inclusion with a minimum tag weight (just like AniDB)
-"Has description" filter for VNs.

EDIT: Also is there any chance of t12507.24 getting fixed?Last modified on 2020-10-28 at 14:02


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