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#1 by sterelok123
2020-11-03 at 18:13
< report >Hi. There were a couple of symbiosis or parasitism tags that were denied. I wanted to know why and if we could renew and add them.

Some of the games have transformations in which the characters transform differently from what you see in magical girl series types or possessions. They are influenced, consensually, or nonconsensually by some kind of parasite, alien, or monster.

They might end up using the alien powers themselves or their minds might be controlled or just become sex-crazed.

There aren't that many games like this, but adding such tags could help producers get ideas that there are people interested in such tags.

閃攻のルミナ 後編 ~淫らな雌獣のまぐわり~
Hanshoku Gakuen ~Shoujo-tachi o Esa ni Hanshoku ga Hajimaru~
XX of the Dead
Monster Hazard ~Bakemono-tachi no Kyouen~
Shokusai no Miyako

These usually involve some kind of vore or tentacle sex.

I haven't seen a The Thing type where they are transformed as much or as gruesome, but it can include such a thing, only made perverted.
#2 by sterelok123
2020-11-03 at 18:16
< report >This might be considered as some kind of corruption, metamorphosis, or transformation tag. The reason I think it should be as a sexual tag rather than a character tag is that some of these games revolve around the concept of more than just one character having such a case.
#3 by sterelok123
2020-11-03 at 18:21
< report >I can get that it's a difficult tag though. It might even include absorption like Shokusai no Miyako in which they become part of a monster they control. The wording can fix that though.


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