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#1 by Yorhel
2008-02-09 at 15:39
< report >I'm very happy to see that the previous update has motivated people to start contributing information providing feecback again, which in turn motivates me to continue to work on new updates. This update isn't as large as the previous one and doesn't add any major new features, but it does include a few significant improvements to the overal browsing and editing experience of the website.

One of these improvements is the new rating system: The rating of a visual novel is no longer the raw average of all the votes it has, instead the average rating of other games, and the number of votes, are now included in the calculation as well. This system does not work very optimal at the time of writing as there aren't quite enough votes yet, but in the long run it should guarantee more reliable ratings. For everyone interested in how the calculation actually works: I used this article as main reference for the implementation. (Mainly because I simply don't know anything about statistics myself...)

Then there's the editing-system. It has proven to work quite well, but there were a few small bugs and annoyances that were fixed in this version. First of all the bug that edit summaries were incorrectly truncated on the history pages has been fixed, and I made a few other improvements to the summary formatting while I was at it: The url-BBCode tag can now be used, and VNDB item ID's are now automatically converted to links. E.g. typing 'v17' will automatically create a link to Ever17 -The Out of Infinity-. This same formatting can also be applied to the descriptions of visual novels, releases and producers.

Another improvement in the editing system is the way you can browse through the item history. The 'diff' and 'revert' links on history pages have been removed, and instead clicking on the revision ID will provide you with all the information you need. Browsing through the history of a specific item also works somewhat easier with the new 'previous/next revision' links.

It is now also possible to add multiple visual novels to one release, this should be used for releases that include several games. To do this, simply go to 'edit' -> '(visual novel) relations' from a release page. Some releases are currently listed more than once in the database and the duplicates should be deleted, leave a note at the forum to request a deletion.

I also made a few changes to the personal visual novel lists: An "other" status was added, and it is possible to add a personal comment, which can be used for keeping track of various things like order status or how far you've progressed in the game.

And at last I also created a small search feature for producers, fixed several (minor) bugs, and changed some other small stuff, both technical and layout-wise.

As usual: happy browsing and editing! :-)Last modified on 1970-01-01 at 00:00


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