Starting Japanese,need Help understanding the plot

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#1 by wayo
2020-11-18 at 14:55
< report >This close to my first full japanese VN, and I'm pretty sure my understanding is a little bit off.
So if anyone is so kind to correct me, here what I understood so far (I'm still close to the beginning)

Spoiler on just the beginning of the plot (1st hours for a normal reader ? ~6h for me)

Yuria's sisters took pictures of Yuria in the shower
Somehow it's Yuria that gets caught by the police for the picture, and she don't tell on her sister.
Her sister is hiding somewhere
Yuria is offered to enter a strict maid school, to escape prison ?
She accepts, goes back to the family for a week, they are cold to her.
Then she takes the bus
When talking to Eri about how she got there Yuria says her sister got close to a woman photographer that collects ecchi stuff.

Ok, so how much did I got wrong ?
#2 by wayo
2021-01-11 at 20:45
< report >I don't intend to up this thread in a regular basis. But I just wanted to say I'm still reading it and I'm still interested in the answer. So don't hesitate to post even if 1+ year has passed.

(and if I do find the answer myself before that, I'll come back and respond to my own question)
#3 by arkt
2021-01-11 at 22:37
< report >I've never played this VN, but did learn Japanese playing VNs (inc JLPT N1) so thought I could maybe give you some general pointers.

I'm assuming that you've done the basics (e.g. read Tae Kim's grammar guide and start using Anki), although if you haven't then you should start there. Your Anki deck should be set to at least 25 new cards a day and with 999 reviews (i.e. so that no reviews get pushed to the next day). I recommend using the Core 6k deck from the 4chan Japanese learning thread and making your own deck for putting in any words that you don't know and that aren't in the Core 6k deck.

I saw that you had another thread asking for help with setting up a text hooker, which is fine for the first couple of VNs so long as you're only using the dictionary / furigana functions and not the translator. After 3-4 VNs you'll probably want to stop using texthookers however as they limit your ability to read things that aren't VNs (e.g. console games, books etc). If you ever have trouble understanding a sentence even with the texthooker, then I recommend trying to search up a part of it on link as it has fairly useful examples for most common phrases.

Apart from the above, the easiest way to learn is to just keep reading and accept that you'll make mistakes and that your understanding might not be perfect. Fortunately, it's usually pretty easy to tell when you read something incorrectly as there will often be a line later on that contradicts your understanding. As a general rule, just remember that the story is supposed to make sense and so if there's a contradiction or something that you think is a grammatical error, then it's likely to be an issue with your reading ability. There are exceptions to this, but with mainstream titles that have been edited properly they're pretty rare.
#4 by wayo
2021-01-12 at 18:23
< report >I'm not sure what to respond. Given that I do all of this already.
Well, confirmation that I'm on the right track can't hurt :)

Main difference being that I think that Cure Dolly does a much better work than Tae Kim. I worked both of them + minna no nihongo, and to me Cure Dolly is better by an order of magnitude.
(not saying this for you, I'm well aware you are far further than me.)
Yatta for you, and gambaru-yo for me :)


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