English patch updates?

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#1 by miuzix
2020-11-22 at 20:42
< report >Any updates since the last thread about it? I would like to know if it's still continuing translating the later chapters?
#2 by petra47
2020-11-23 at 14:50
< report >Agree. Please who knows write about any updates! So eager to play this novel!
#3 by shinytentacool
2020-11-23 at 15:14
< report >It's been so long since an english tl was initially announced, I wouldn't even enjoy it at this point
#4 by delusionparadox
2020-11-23 at 15:28
< report >Just go to the release's entry and check the group's page. They have a website and do weekly updates. linkLast modified on 2020-11-23 at 15:29
#5 by petra47
2020-11-23 at 15:30
< report >#4, last update was on 14th of November. Since then there were no new updates.
#6 by miuzix
2020-11-23 at 18:34
< report >Considering that the last patch was until chapter 8.5, how long is the game exactly?
#7 by petra47
2020-11-23 at 20:32
< report >At leat 10 hours I suppose. I didn't play it.
#8 by delusionparadox
2020-11-26 at 18:00
< report >
#4, last update was on 14th of November. Since then there were no new updates.
Impatient much, are we? It says it updates every other Sunday, which although I got it wrong in my post, it would still not even have been two weeks since the last time. Translation takes time.Last modified on 2020-11-26 at 18:23
#9 by tonk82
2020-11-26 at 21:25
< report >They keep working on it, and at good pace. It's very promising. But i think they said that they are not going to release more partial patches for now.
#10 by petra47
2020-11-26 at 22:01
< report >Not impatient, maybe they don't plan to translate it anymore. I hope they will update translation status soon.
#11 by butterflygrrl
2020-11-26 at 22:47
< report >so if a group posts an update on day one and no update on day two you'll immediately assume that they have obviously quit and the world is ending?

i feel like you don't understand the concept of impatient.

many, many groups don't update anywhere NEAR that often.
#12 by petra47
2020-11-28 at 16:37
< report >You are wrong, they posted schedule, there were no news that time so I supposed they left the translation.Last modified on 2020-11-28 at 16:37
#13 by vimiani
2020-12-02 at 23:40
< report >We post updates on our website, in our Discord server, on our Twitter, and on the original Beast's Lair thread the project started on.

We don't make explicit posts every time the progress is updated except on the Twitter and in the Discord Server.

We update the progress every 14 days.

If you want to check the progress, here are the places to do so,
link (Scroll to the bottom)
link (Bottom of OP)
#14 by tonk82
2020-12-03 at 16:03
< report >Thank you guys for the work you are doing on this translation.
#15 by smitson
2020-12-04 at 13:26
< report >Thanks for the info! Waiting for the full translation!!
#16 by miuzix
2020-12-05 at 09:03
< report >Thank you as well, for the updates you guys are giving. Appreciated it!
#17 by vimiani
2020-12-05 at 09:12
< report >I was originally planning on putting the progress on the release as well, but I couldn't figure out a good way to format it lol rip
#18 by ninigi
2020-12-05 at 14:17
< report >Just fill out the form to the best of your abilities. Me and other editors will check on it later and make corrections if needed.
#19 by smitson
2020-12-05 at 14:40
< report >#18, thank you very much! Wait for the release.
#20 by kinothe3rd
2021-03-19 at 17:29
< report >will prolly be out by late May
#21 by smitson
2021-03-20 at 10:40
< report >#20, thank you for the information!
#22 by totallynotgar
2021-03-21 at 03:14
< report >#20 late may?

I was kinda hoping for this year April 12th like really really hoping.
#23 by vimiani
2021-04-19 at 20:03
< report >This is going to be out much later than late May, there is still a TON of editing to do to the script.
#24 by kinothe3rd
2021-04-20 at 01:37
< report >I'm thinking late September.
#25 by totallynotgar
2021-04-23 at 06:48
< report >Looks like a December release then lelLast modified on 2021-04-23 at 06:48


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