"Spoil me!" should be an option on every character

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#1 by gambs
2020-11-23 at 13:47
< report >Even if they aren't involved in major spoilers, otherwise people can become meta-spoiled by noticing its non-existence

I noticed this when looking at the Umineko characters and seeing that characters like Hideyoshi, George, Genji, and Nanjo do not have the "spoil me" option, and thus someone could completely rule them out of being the perpetrator of the murders, even with full anti-spoiler settings
#2 by erogenie
2020-11-23 at 14:19
< report >It's to keep their involvement a secret,I tried my best to keep the matter to myself and not let anyone know about it until they experience it themselves,it's not funny to just straight up killing the anticipation as early as chapter 1, the consequence would be you drive away new readers by telling them that the characters they have yet to meet has been involved in a critical point of the story,there..hopefully someone else in here can give further clarification to this.
#3 by Yorhel
2020-11-23 at 14:33
< report >It's a trade-off between convenience and being completely spoiler-free. Clicking "spoil me" when there's absolutely no difference on the page can be really annoying, so adding that button to every character when there is only a very tiny minority of characters for which the presence or absence of spoilers matters feels like optimizing for the wrong thing.

I'm also not sure I share your conclusion ("this character has no spoiler thus it's not the perpetrator"), considering that character entries are very rarely complete and the character just missing the appropriate traits is extremely likely as well. Yes, even for extremely popular titles.

As an alternative solution, one can always add a spoiler trait or [spoiler] description tag to characters for which this matters. I'm sure one can find a spoilery piece of information for every character if one tries.
#4 by barfboy
2020-11-23 at 14:54
< report >Yeah but spoilers can be anything from, this character dies Manami Seira
or switched sides during a conflict Battle Note
to what fetish they have Kazama Eiri (because her fetish shows she has a crush on her brother)
to, whatever's going on here Hikiyama Naomi

Spoilers can be a lot of things. I personally wouldn't assume a spoiler for the character you show (and I haven't read the VN so I won't select your spoiler) means they committed murders. It could be anything from, they're secretly the main character's long lost twin, to they hold the key to the missing family fortune, to they're a space alien all along.

Spoilers are there to help people make a decision on reading a title. If I'm interested in a VN but I'm not sure if I really want to play it I may read some of the spoilers. A spoiler is the reason I picked up Flyable Heart I would never have read it otherwise. So they're important but I don't think they immediately give away the game simply by their existence. Except in some circumstances like the character itself is a spoiler like Kaminari Taiko which proves that Kaminari Taiko switched sides. That's why we have the option of making the character 'invisible' by adding them as spoilers. I like it as it is.
#5 by Ninius
2020-11-23 at 15:01
< report >Those characters have spoiler traits so you can't really be sure what the spoilers are before you click "show minor spoilers"... "Spoil me!" means revealing ALL the spoilers, including description and major spoiler traits.Last modified on 2020-11-23 at 15:02


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