Character plagiarism

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#1 by stickyfingers
2020-11-28 at 21:03
< report >why does one girl from this game look like Honololu from Azur Lane?
And another one looks like Prince of Wales.
#2 by Mutsuki
2020-11-28 at 21:58
< report >it's ripping off the ripoff of kankore? wow
#3 by Mrkew
2020-11-28 at 22:39
< report >All the characters in the whole series are a heavy reference to popular characters.
#4 by barfboy
2020-11-28 at 22:40
< report >It's deliberate. The fans certainly get a kick out of it.

Misaki Konoka and link
for example
while Hatsunegaoka Yui is referenced in game as a copy of Utaha Kasumigaoka link
from How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend
linkLast modified on 2020-11-28 at 22:49
#5 by aldyn
2021-05-25 at 18:30
< report >On that topic, who's Minase Maya based on? I know I've seen the character she's based on somewhere, but I can't quite put my finger on it.
#6 by tiam4t
2021-05-25 at 18:35
< report >If you just noticed the ones from Azur Lane your referencess are pretty poor. Also is not a secret, in fact we fans like to see these characters on eroge that officially would never be part of.

Still, even if they are based on them, have the same hairstyle and all, is not plagiarism anyway. It's not like Saber-Fish games that they're totally the same, clothes and everything, which I love too.
#7 by Cloyster13
2022-10-19 at 06:40
< report >I don´t play Azur Lane but i know some of the girls from there, and i know their designs and appearances, right now i'm playing this VN btw, i already advanced a lot and i could notice that one girl from secondary heroine's scene called Rena, the dentist, (link) called Satomi (i could show a image of her but i don't know if it's allowed to show +18 images on forums) looks a lot like Belfast haha (link)

And not only Azur Lane girls, there's another secondary heroine (i didn't played his scene still, i just unlocked it) (link) that looks a lot like Miku Nakano from The Quintessential Quintuplets (link), it's just literally her, only with bigger breasts and more sensual haha

And @aldyn, i don't know who is it Maya based on, but i can say she's the tipic tsundere that follows moral things and that becomes shy and weak when we get above her haha, however she becames a different person during scenes, bolder and mocking hahaLast modified on 2022-10-19 at 06:50
#8 by voidheart
2022-10-19 at 07:11
< report >wait, that took you so long to realize who is similar to who?
#9 by Cloyster13
2022-10-19 at 07:47
< report >Who exactly do you refer? @voidheart
#10 by voidheart
2022-10-19 at 13:58
< report >almost everyone who replied in this post... or so I assume, since I've already spotted some a long time ago and I just laughed at it

... although this post is a lot older than I thought
#11 by Cloyster13
2022-10-20 at 04:17
< report >Well, i just started playing this VN a few ago, so i logically didn't realize before haha
#12 by Cloyster13
2022-10-26 at 02:19
< report >And now i just found a bottom character from a scene with some of heroines' moms that looks a lot like Saber from Fate (link), this can't just be a coincidence lmaoLast modified on 2022-10-26 at 02:20
#13 by scharlach927
2022-11-24 at 16:16
< report >#4 Pretty sure Misaki Konoka is also a reference to Tsukioka Kogane though Kizuna Ai fits too, especially with the split avatars
#5 Minase Maya might be based on Ameno Sagiri
#14 by Cloyster13
2022-11-29 at 16:26
< report >@scharlach927 You're right, Maya (link) looks a lot like Sagiri, not only in design/appearance but also in personality XD

And it's pretty curious because in the VN Konoka (link) is an aspiring idol, too much similarities lolLast modified on 2022-11-29 at 16:31


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