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#1 by behappyeveryday
2020-11-29 at 13:40
< report >So, this is an otome game with, literally, slut protagonist... I mean, it isn't rare for otome FL to be sluts, but, usually, they at least try to hide it and pretend to be pure and innocent! The fact that, out of all otome games, MangaGamer decided to translate this one shows what they think about western women, lol. Or maybe they assume that guys wouldn't know what type of game it is and buy it thinking that it is just another nukige? I wonder...Last modified on 2020-12-07 at 23:02
#2 by butterflygrrl
2020-11-29 at 13:50
< report >> shows what they think about western women

no, it probably shows that they don't have much of a traditional otome audience. They have translated some more standard otome games. Those games may not have done that well.

Most western otome fandom is based around phone games afaik, and most mangagamer fans are people looking for H content. women included. the kind of women who are regular mangagamer users are generally more into porn.

I mean, wasn't 'no thank you' known to be, of BL games, one that had the most crossover appeal among at least some mainstream male H gamers? similar line of thought, i figure. trying to find games that can branch out a little bit, but still appeal to their core audience.
#3 by shinytentacool
2020-11-29 at 13:56
< report >Some women don't like being called a slut just because they like casual sex. On the men side it's the opposite you get hurrahs for fucking lots of women
#4 by behappyeveryday
2020-11-29 at 14:09
< report >@2 This is an interesting thought, though it is the first time I read an opinion that mainstream male H gamers were interested in a BL game that isn't a trap nukige and, honestly, it just can't be true. When MG mentioned the main audience for "no, thank you" they probably talked about bisexual and gay men. It is common knowledge that "yaoi" is for women and for true brutal gays there is the "bara" genre. NTY looks like something in between, so it is probably the reason for this comment.

@3 It is literally the word's definition "slut - a woman who has many casual sexual partners". The word is different in meaning than "whore", btw. By logic, sex-positive women shouldn't consider the word "slut" as offensive. Some of them are actually proud to be called like this. In the first place, it is supposed to be offensive only to those who value chastity. BTW, you can't treat men and women the same when it comes to sex, we are different biologically and culturally.Last modified on 2020-11-29 at 14:10
#5 by yorhel
2020-11-29 at 14:25
< report >Slut:
disparaging + offensive : a promiscuous person : someone who has many sexual partners —usually used of a woman

You conveniently read over the first two words? I have no doubt there are women who take pride in being called a slut, but most of those around me certainly don't like being called that... But alright, cultural differences.
#6 by butterflygrrl
2020-11-29 at 14:38
< report >> it is the first time I read an opinion that mainstream male H gamers were interested in a BL game that isn't a trap nukige and, honestly, it just can't be true.

Some male gamers, obviously not all, lol. Basically it was talked about on /vg/ among the mainstream H game threads, iirc. So some players who were part of the existing audience considered it the most appealing BL game and proposed that MG should license it. Those players may well have been bi, I wouldn't know. But yeah the artstyle might also affect what they thought its marketability would be.

Again I assume they didn't find huge success selling BL stuff or they'd get more of it by now.
#7 by vario
2020-11-29 at 15:31
< report >
honestly, it just can't be true
I read a few BL games and I'll read more because those games aren't about porn only and some stories appeal to me.
#8 by jazz957
2020-11-29 at 17:18
< report >It's kind of interesting to see that the two writers mostly work on nukige lol.
#9 by bobjr2000
2020-11-29 at 17:21
< report >I think its kind of funny the promiscuous only has 14 protagonist tag but 170 heroine. Seems like a very underused tag imo.
#10 by eacil
2020-11-29 at 18:31
< report >Another great thread on vndb about slut. When you are a trash, everything is good to insult women under the pretext of having a ""reasonable"" and ""logical"" discussion. You even get a sudden "interest" in otoge if that allow you to do that. Sasuga behappyeveryday the vndb crypto misogynist. Women are not happy to be called slut, they embrace the insult as a badge of honor to scorn trashes like you. Who am I kidding, you already know that.
inb4 OP's compadre coming here to accuse me of white knighting.
#11 by vninfohata
2020-11-29 at 18:36
< report >Absolutely terrible bait. Try again later.
#12Post deleted.
#13 by yorhel
2020-11-30 at 05:45
< report >In case you missed it, #5 was my attempt to tell you to be more mindful of people who don't follow your ideas of sexuality and to stop judging others.
#14 by behappyeveryday
2020-12-06 at 14:59
< report >@13 So, logical arguments and facts just got deleted now? If going against freedom of speech and censor opinions is the only way to protect your "ideas of sexuality" then they aren't worth protecting. As about "judging others", so it is fine for #10 to "judge" and insult me personally though I never insulted anyone here and only stated facts? It is fine to call a person "trash crypto misogynist", but not fine to use the word slut in its actual commonly accepted definition without targeting anyone personally? Do you realize that vndb even has "slutty heroine" tag, right? I guess you'll probably just delete this as well because it is the only way when a "person with power" has nothing else to say.Last modified on 2020-12-06 at 15:01
#15 by yorhel
2020-12-06 at 15:37
< report >I'm not going to pretend that I moderate without bias and I'm not going to defend eacil's outbursts. But you have a silly idea of "logical arguments and facts". Your entire post was effectively saying that women who are promiscuous ought to be shamed and looked down upon, and your only justification for that is "in general, people actually value female chastity" - a generalization that does not apply to large parts of the modern world. How you can quote a feminist movement attempting to normalize promiscuousness while at the same time reinforcing the offensive nature of the slut word is beyond me. And then you keep using a word that you know is offensive - meaning you're intentionally trying to insult people.

that's not much of a loss to them as they rarely want to marry anyone anyway
And here's another baseless generalization. I don't know in what society you grew up, but over here both men and women have sex with several partners before settling on marriage. You may or may not like that idea, but you don't have to project your views upon others.

Either way, VNDB is not and has never been a place where you can enjoy your legal right of free speech to its fullest extend, so if you don't agree with my way of moderation you have all the freedom to go elsewhere.
#16 by forever-here
2020-12-06 at 15:56
< report >i'm going on a tangent here

remembering the playboy days (god I'm old) where it features (unsurprisingly) model girls and its the men that bought said magazine. then sometime later "playgirl" magazine came into light featuring hawt goys thinking its the girls that gonna buy it but alas, it was the gays who did.

so thinking otome VNs are for girls is ---probably--- not going into its intended audience. just a small light to shed here.
#17 by kiru
2020-12-06 at 17:48
< report >^Oh they are. What, all the yaoi VNs are bought by guys? Hah!

Japanese shoujo is generally extreme.
#18Post deleted.
#19 by yorhel
2020-12-07 at 07:00
< report >@18: I'm sorry I have to break this news to you, but dogma is the exact opposite of logical reasoning. Go and spout that nonsense elsewhere.
#20 by ntrpotato
2020-12-07 at 09:13
< report >Just a little heads up. link
The dude who repeatedly got his posts deleted may have decided to take his displeasure elswhere. Please take him back, we don't want him. He claims to want to ddos this site. Could just be a bluff but if something happens, you guys know why.
#21 by schlaefer
2020-12-07 at 17:51
< report >I kind of want to know what he wrote. So I can form my own opinion.
But I also don't want to scare of female users if it was too offensive.

Announcing your planning a crime might not be the cleverest move. Even if he doesn't get punished (for which the probability admittedly is low) he is now taking the blame for whatever happens with the site in the next time.
That might not matter... unless yorhel is taking it down himself to rake in some emergency donations. A few hundred bucks extra in his pockets is sure to teach him a lesson... uh, what lesson was he trying to teach?

Although, my guess is that absolutely nothing will happen.
#22 by beliar
2020-12-07 at 18:15
< report >Frankly, after reading the deleted posts from the user, I find it hard to justify his banning by Yorhel.

While Behappyeveryday had his opinion about certain matters, none of the deleted posts were particularly offensive, preachy or confrontational. He simply stated his opinion in a calm manner. That cannot be said about some other users that have previously discussed the same or similar topic with a much more confrontational behaviour.

Normally, I would ask Yorhel to reconsider his ban, but after reading his rant on Anime-Sharing, I have to retract that notion. Seemingly 'calm and reasonable' flew out the window in that thread. That's the life....
#23 by mutsuki
2020-12-07 at 19:29
< report >fufufu now i can ddos the site over my absolutely furious rage at the removal of the banter random visual novel list on the front page and nobody will know it is me

that is if i actually knew what a ddos really was or how to do one. i sure af am not gonna pay $40 for revenge i got better uses for money (more vns lol)

edit: fufufu this thread has now been locked but i can still shitpostLast modified on 2020-12-08 at 00:34
#24 by ember
2020-12-07 at 19:41
< report >He could have simply asked yorhel to reconsider his decision, by making some kind of rational appeal. Instead (assuming that is him) he chose to make unhinged threats, obliterating whatever chance there was left for him of getting unbanned, I would think, lol.
#25 by yorhel
2020-12-07 at 19:46
< report >For context: I was afraid that promoting recessive ideas around sexuality was going to get popular on these boards - a premise I absolutely do not approve of. So I engaged with behappyeveryday in order to remind him that his wording might be construed as offensive and hoped that he'd change his behavior, if only slightly. What I got instead was flimsy arguments that being offensive is totally justified in this case... And then after a few back and forths I lost my patience (as usual) and used the banhammer.

I am not proud of the way I handled that, but at the same time I have no clue how else I should have handled it. I'm terribly bad at arguing anything outside of my field of expertise, yet at the same time felt I couldn't keep this behavior going.

He's welcome back if he's willing to not use these forums to promote his views, buuuuut something tells me he's not even interested anymore.

(@beliar: You don't exactly need my permission to revert a ban, I rarely feel strongly enough to fight it anyway.)
(...emergency donations... what a brilliant idea)