Yuzucurse strikes again.

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#1 by norwegianboyee
2020-12-01 at 01:31
< report >What is it with every second game since AmairoNauts being vastly inferior to the rest?

Amairo had overly long scenes with nothing happening, and an slap-on setting that was pointless. (The place is a floating island, now we’ll never mention or care about this fact ever again)

Senren Banka i can barely even remember, which speaks to it’s mediocrity.

And now after an surprisingly great Riddle Joker we’re presented with this pile of blandness.
Cafe is the most boring setting ever, and it seems Yuzusoft here cares more about cafes than even the heroines, which is a big fail for an charage company. I got so incredibly bored through the common route, and the actual routes don’t spend enough time developing romance.

Here’s to hoping Yuzu follows the curse by now creating an masterpiece next. As this is the worst game they’ve ever created.
#2 by mrkew
2020-12-01 at 01:36
< report >
The place is a floating island, now we’ll never mention or care about this fact ever again
But they do? The cultural clash between Japan and the island is a big point, plus the furries and elves.
#3 by norwegianboyee
2020-12-01 at 01:46
< report >I mean, sure thing #3.
But would anything have changed at all if the location was changed to an regular waterlocked island in the Pacific? Not much i think. lol
Anyway that’s not really the main issue, more that the writing and setting wasn’t exciting enough. But at least the game made up for it with likable characters and some routes having decent romance.
#4 by anonymous
2020-12-02 at 13:54
< report >There was an interesting thread on Natsuzora Kanata where people were debating if Yuzusoft lost their soul after that game or rather started developing and adapting their stories for a wider audience to the point of becoming what they are nowadays.
#5 by vninfohata
2020-12-02 at 14:00
< report >You shouldn't have deluded yourself that Yuzusoft made good games except the visuals in the first place.
#6 by verifonix
2020-12-31 at 16:49
< report >Riddle Joker's indeed surprisingly great, imo their best read so far.
#7 by aresia
2021-03-30 at 10:29
< report >I enjoyed every Yuzusoft's titles so far, with this one being the next I'll definitely play as soon as NekoNyan released it. They might had never made any groundbreaking story or something, but all their games are consistently "good", objectively.

What they did best is their artstyles and visuals, they really captured the amazing essence of 'moe' with the characters they created. And honestly that's all I wanted from them. If I wanted more in the plot department, I'll go to another developers. Yuzusoft is fine as it is.
#8 by omikron
2021-03-30 at 10:43
< report >#7 I wholeheartedly agree.
#9 by siotechua
2021-03-30 at 11:05
< report >#1 so your saying that Yuzusoft has focus more on the main story than from the heroine story?

Well....they are more focus on the conclusion of the main story more likely. Since no one likes the main story to be hanging or something that is not clear or something that the audience wants doesn't like. but again, the main story is more important actually to focus on since it's like reading a story that needs beginning, climax, ending, and conclusion of the story but it depends on the audience whether they like it or not but mostly people wants to focus on the heroine story which makes them not caring what will happen to the main story itself. I mean, its like leaving the conclusion without a definitive end.
#10 by aresia
2021-03-30 at 11:18
< report >#9 Friend, you effectively describe why I prefer VN rather than anime...

Anyway, Yuzusoft's games clearly focused on romance, wait no... they are effectively dating games. I don't know what makes you think that there are two different stories in their games, but the heroines stories ARE the main story. There really is no difference between them.Last modified on 2021-03-30 at 11:22
#11 by sakurakoi
2021-03-30 at 11:23
< report >Heh, meanwhile I find that every other second game is inferior because they try to plot.
Seriously, their drama was never good to begin with and the more they try, the more they fail. Kinda reminds me of Frontwing.

For I am tired of forced drama, pseudo-philosophy and alike, I am at the point where I actively avoid and stop any work that has such a target audience. A seemingly fluffy May-December romance where the younger female lead (15) threatens to kill herself because the older gentleman (62) is troubled with her affections? Three strikes and out!

I only read overt drama/thriller/psychological by authors I 'trust'... it's just a shame I rarely bother about who writes what since I read each synopsis regardless still. It's more fun to have that 'I know that style/voice!' feeling.


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