The Final Chapter?!

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#1 by alexfang452
2020-12-07 at 07:19
< report >Never thought I would see the day that "Moe Ninja Girls" and "final chapter" would be in the same sentence. I have a long way to go to get to it since this VN has 30+ seasons, and its mechanics to rely on resources to advance the story is a pain. For how much time I spent with this, it is a shock to learn of the news that they have finally finished their story. Good luck to anyone that has enough patience to get through it all. I don't know if I have it.Last modified on 2020-12-13 at 05:40
#2 by triority
2020-12-21 at 10:15
< report >I'm somewhat surprised. They've either run out of ideas or it's not being profitable for them. Could be a mixture of both as well.

Their progress system is a real pain - it's why I gave up on it years ago.Last modified on 2020-12-21 at 11:33
#3 by alexfang452
2020-12-22 at 03:25
< report >Not sure about that, but apparently, they stated on Facebook multiple times that Season 30 is the planned ending.
#4 by triority
2020-12-22 at 18:51
< report >Ah - does sound planned then.

The story was fun - just a pain to get access too
#5 by hybrid-being
2021-04-18 at 02:43
< report >Final chapter might not be so final anymore - they plan to continue the story in college setting. Supposedly they plan to stop continuing RPG and incorporate RPG characters into the story.
And if latest survey is anything to go by, an adult rated version is/was being considered.


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