Why do people like this?

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#1 by arilando
2020-12-10 at 17:00
< report >I read through 5 hours of this and nothing happened, it has got to be the most boring visual novel i've ever read, it's incredibly slow paced. Why do people like this?Last modified on 2020-12-10 at 17:00
#2 by HataVNI
2020-12-10 at 17:15
< report >I wholeheartedly agree. And there will be 20 hours more of nothing happening.
#3 by shinytentacool
2020-12-10 at 18:31
< report >It's cute bro
#4 by diabloryuzaki
2020-12-10 at 21:15
< report >well, this vn potential is when it reach middle of common route or some heroine route. sadly this vn is not kind enough for reader to give light nuance like in rewrite despite both of them have same long common route
#5 by shikishimakrile
2020-12-10 at 22:52
< report >Because where this visual novel shines is at chapters 4, 5 & 6 and this is after you have finished all the routes. I consider the routes quite good as well and they explain a lot of mysteries created in the common route but they are not at the level of the true ending. In my opinion ofcourse.Last modified on 2020-12-10 at 22:55
#6 by gambs
2020-12-26 at 00:05
< report >The first half of ZYPRESSEN, a lot of Shizuku's route, and most of IV and V were the highest points of the novel for me. Unfortunately, you need to wade through so much slow-paced, terrible writing to get there. Finishing this novel is a battle with your own patience
#7 by BZYX
2022-08-16 at 16:14
< report >As a high school student who had studied art for nine years and gave up because my girlfriend went abroad.I have to say if you slow done(I mean patience is necessary because it may seems boring in the first 2 chapter but there're actually brilliant foreshadowings for the latter story) and neglect the awful jokes,you'll find it's a masterpiece(perhaps(´-ωก`)心塞
It's a tragicomedy and it's kind of like what Shakespeare wrote in my point of view.Last modified on 2022-08-16 at 16:35
#8 by shinytentacool
2022-08-16 at 17:33
< report >because Sca-ji
#9 by Souren96
2022-12-15 at 04:10
< report >Honestly I recommend whoever read this next, to endure the main route. It was painful for me for the most part (80% of it) but the vn makes up for it afterwards. Good I listened to #4 to #7 comments.
#10 by riku-dola
2023-03-05 at 22:11
< report >Ok I'm reaching the end of chapter 2 and boi it's definitely gonna take 100+ hours to finish the entire VN.


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