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#1 by zcatcracker
2020-12-14 at 05:06
< report >Can Animate Games' storefront be added to the external link / recognized link format?

Sample entry for The House of Fata Morgana

#2 by yorhel
2020-12-14 at 13:25
< report >Done. t12755.90
#3 by beliar
2020-12-14 at 17:28
< report >What about Fakku? Quite a lot of VNs there now.
#4 by gvbn
2020-12-14 at 18:32
< report >I'd still like to see (all-ages) and (otome/BL) support added for Gyutto. The .com site already redirects if necessary (e.g. link redirects to link, link redirects to link) so only the URL recognition regex needs to be changed.

Also support for NovelGame. The URL is<number>Last modified on 2020-12-14 at 18:35
#5 by zcatcracker
2020-12-15 at 05:07
< report >Fantastic, thank you!
#6 by yorhel
2020-12-15 at 10:21
< report >@3,4: Done.


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