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post-credits scene de-automode patch

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#1 by zakamutt
2020-12-17 at 23:56
< report >If any diehard JOP (hi) is reading this in Japanese in 2020, you might want to use this patch. The 3-minute-long forced-automode scene after the credits advances every 1.5 seconds and is frankly incredibly hard to read unless you're reading at actual native speed (maybe even then it's hard). I decided to just make it playable like a normal game segment rather than try to set some more reasonable automode delay; I hate forced automode anyways and there's no telling what speed a certain learner might need. Obviously this isn't the original creator's vision, but I doubt watching it from a video recorded with ShareX and pausing every few seconds is either. If you have any problems please do tell, I didn't exactly test it extensively. Get it here: linkLast modified on 2020-12-18 at 00:00
#2 by HataVNI
2020-12-18 at 00:01
< report >Nice ShareX advertisement, bro.

Thanks for the patch (*´∀`*)
#3 by Mutsuki
2020-12-18 at 02:49
< report >I hate forced auto-mode sections so badly that I submitted a tag for it (Forced Auto-Read Sections)... which has now been put on this game too. My problem is that I only start reading a line once the whole line has appeared... which gives me all of 4 seconds to read a 2 line long screen. My usual strategy is to screenshot every line and read it afterwards, which can be a real hassle when it's like 30-40 lines, so actually modifying the game is a novel concept to me (of course it'd be a pointless method for me reading other games because I'd have to know the scene was there and where exactly it was before playing it)

Thank you for doing the universe a favour and ridding it of one such game.Last modified on 2020-12-18 at 02:54
#4 by kiru
2020-12-18 at 12:07
< report >Sometimes forced automode is badly implemented, in that it uses your settings, which can be awful if you like instant text and no auto mode like me. In that case you can change it though, by getting back to default text speed.
If it's fully scripted, it's usually annoying for the opposite reason. It's too slow.

Dunno how this game handles it, it might just be one of those few games that does it completely scripted and way too fast, but it's generally worth considering for auto auto modes (ha!) that lowering text speed can help.
#5 by zakamutt
2020-12-18 at 14:54
< report >>Dunno how this game handles it, it might just be one of those few games that does it completely scripted and way too fast

That's basically it. It completely ignores your settings, even forces its own text speed, and uses the command "autoclick 1500" to click every 1.5 seconds.

The changes I made to the script can be summarized with these 2 screenshots (added a few comments) link linkLast modified on 2020-12-18 at 14:54
#6 by HataVNI
2020-12-18 at 15:04
< report >based Zakatism at it's finest :)


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