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#26 by lightdx
2021-01-10 at 16:50
< report >Chisaki is missing in this list.
For now i have only played Nananmi. I was going for Mayu then Hazuki, but seems like there is a lot of dislike for her.
#27 by teamkazato
2021-01-10 at 19:43
< report >#26 don't let that dictate what character you go for.
Just go for whatever you want to.
You just have the most fun if you do it like that.
#28 by evinthomas123
2021-01-11 at 00:04
< report >#26 she is not dislikable
The problem is her route has a smaller impact than the other 3 routes but in terms of character she is in par with everyone else
#29 by straken
2021-01-17 at 07:01
< report >Personally think Mayu wins hands down, followed closely by Nanami. I liked Hazuki but her route feels the weakest compared to the other heroines. Mayu's route felt like it progressed at a better pace than the others and had better chemistry between her and the MC.
#30 by taiketsu
2021-01-20 at 07:15
< report >I can say i came for Ayase and stayed for her and also her route felt the best overall since it gave a proper closure on the Story.
Atm only Nanami halfway done and Chisaki missing but can say Hazuki was the "worst" route and depending on how Nanamis route goes eithe Mayu or Nanami 2. place for me.

Kotori and Chisaki were great side characters and i loved them but not having a Kotori route feels kinda wasted after seeing her in Mayus route D
#31 by gstar999
2021-02-02 at 12:17
< report >Chisaki deserves to be in this poll.

Ayase was still the best. The staggering difference between her real self and her masked self never gets old for me.
#32 by oysterkeeper
2021-02-15 at 06:48
< report >Seems I'm outnumbered. I like Hazuki the most. Mayu was decent as well. Didn't really like the others too much.
#33 by canicheslayer
2021-02-19 at 16:06
< report >Ayase >>> Mayu > Chisato = Hazuki > Nanami


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