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#1 by Tremmy
2020-12-21 at 13:07
< report >I didn't see an English translation listed for this game but I know its been translated for months. I just wasn't completely clear on what the guidelines were for adding a release if the download link I added were to be the complete game instead of just a stand-alone patch. Figured it would be best to ask before creating a release that might just get taken down.
#2 by Tremmy
2020-12-21 at 13:42
< report >Nevermind, found the guideline for it. If I'm interpreting it incorrectly feel free to yell at me and remove the website.
#3 by vninfohata
2020-12-21 at 16:13
< report >Oh, this was released? Cool.
#4 by ghostdiver
2020-12-21 at 16:31
< report >Thanks for adding this, been wanting to read about lolis
#5 by Tremmy
2020-12-21 at 16:35
< report >Sure thing. I highly recommend it. Decent story, excellent gameplay and all the lolis you can handle. Can't go wrong with it.Last modified on 2020-12-21 at 16:37
#6 by josephl64
2021-02-08 at 05:12
< report >The link no longer works @tremmy, so does anybody still have it because I can't find it anywhere.
#7 by poudink
2021-02-08 at 05:18
< report >You mean the link to the translation patch? It works perfectly fine for me.
#8 by Tremmy
2021-02-08 at 10:18
< report >Still works for me as well. Make sure you are clicking the correct one.
#9 by sanahtlig
2021-02-09 at 14:02
< report >The host for this patch is using a link randomizer. Sometimes it leads you to your download. Sometimes it leads you to spam. Sometimes it leads you to a dead link. It's a clever way to avoid getting taken down by *sometimes* giving you a real link, while monetizing the gullible who fall for the spam. Not sure VNDB should be promoting deceptive practices like this.Last modified on 2021-02-09 at 14:08
#10 by vninfohata
2021-02-09 at 14:05
< report >They shouldn't.
#11 by Tremmy
2021-02-09 at 14:22
< report >I think you guys are silly and don't know what you are talking about or should invest in an adblocker at the very least. I've clicked the link 10/10 times and got sent exactly where I need to go. Its a rather renowned website at that.
#12 by n8marezero
2021-02-09 at 14:39
< report >If you guys are talking about the anonfiles link it works just fine. I'm with #11 here. That site is reliable and I've never seen 'link randomizer' or other bad stuff on there. You shouldn't even need an adblocker to use it. I disabled uBlock Origin and still get the download. Maybe the site doesn't like certain IPs and blocks or reroutes them?
#13 by Tremmy
2021-02-09 at 14:57
< report >Just to be clear, this thread wasn't meant to misdirect folks. If some people are having trouble with the current link, here is an alternative. Enjoy.
linkLast modified on 2021-02-09 at 15:01
#14 by ffthewinner
2021-02-09 at 15:00
< report >agree with #11. No problems with the site at all, and I really don't know why someone would use the net and go to download sites without having adblock lol.
#15 by sanahtlig
2021-02-09 at 17:06
< report >
If you guys are talking about the anonfiles link it works just fine.
I clicked the download link multiple times and got routed to several different places, only one of which was the actual download. I've encountered rerouting like this before, but typically it only happens once. Spammers have gotten clever.Last modified on 2021-02-09 at 17:10
#16 by poudink
2021-02-09 at 19:39
< report >Even with ublock and universal bypass off it worked perfectly fine every time I clicked the link (ten times).
#17 by josephl64
2021-02-12 at 22:43
< report >Thanks Tremmy for the help.
#18 by Nayko93
2021-04-26 at 11:54
< report >WTF is this gameplay , seriously I don't understand a thing ... cant' catch the first girl , I really don't know what to do ...
#19 by Tremmy
2021-04-26 at 14:31
< report >It takes a couple attempts to get used to and learning when to use your skills and what kind of dialogue to watch out for. I don't remember it being all that difficult to understand though. You get more skills later in the game that makes catching the girls much easier though.


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