Do you have h code for Little Busters Ecstasy

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#1 by kiizhi
2020-12-25 at 17:16
< report >I found for the steam version, but is there a way to make Textractor work with LB ex (original)
#2 by octrine
2021-01-14 at 03:32
< report >The game engine that little busters ex runs on is impossible to use h codes with.

What I did to make it work for textractor was


1) Open LB EX, then open textractor (Run as administrator) and attach the game to textractor

2) Find some hiragana being said in the text box (the more the better), then go to Textractor and select "Search for hooks" then check "Search for Chinese/Japanese/Korean" and then "Search for specific text"

3) Enter or Paste the Hiragana from the text box in game, then search.

4) Now go to the top drop down menu and you will have to manually go through the hooks it found to hopefully find where the text from the text box is.

5) [Hard Part] On your first attempt, youll likely only get a fraction of the full text that is being said. What you have to do is slowly build it up by searching for longer and longer hiragana strings till you get a hook that covers most of what is being said. This will involve a lot of deleting hooks that arnt what you are looking for, careful not to delete the ones you plan on keeping by accident, the interface to delete hooks isnt the greatest.

A small number of the hooks you will find are not only useless, but constantly translate a LOT of code from the game engine, its important to get rid of those hooks ASAP because unless you have an API it will eventually cause the Bing translator in Textractor to fail.


That being said, ill just give you the hook that I use. Im not sure how manually entering it works but at least with this you'll know what your looking for. This is the best hook ive found after hours of searching:

3:2A58:C1113C:0:0: UserHook2 (RS932#@C1113C)

This is literally copy pasted from my hook dropdown menu so it probably contains irrelevant stuff. With this hook youll get whoever is talking plus a good chunk of what they are saying (usually covers all of it unless the sentence is really long)

In the interest of complete clarity ill include a screenshot of my Textractor


Sorry this reply is so late. Hope this is helpful. If you still have questions feel free to ask, ill try to keep an eye on this topicLast modified on 2021-01-14 at 06:23
#3 by kiizhi
2021-01-15 at 02:18
< report >Wow thx for the reply

I tried your hook code and It's almost working properly. I still have problems with a few sentences (incomplete sentences with squares at the end or symboles)


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