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#1 by 420yoloswag
2020-12-28 at 08:49
< report >I finished the "True Ending". I recognized the ending song instantly as "Ruri no Tori" from the first game, but it has been about 5 years since I read both the first and second novel. I wish there was more after the last cutscene, but I guess I should go replay the first game for that. Although, the grotesqueness of these games hinders my replayability greatly.

It's been too long since I read the first two games. Maybe that's why I don't feel a sense of closure. Thoughts?
#2 by sparteh
2020-12-28 at 20:06
< report >I have finished KnS over 3 years ago, but this story still felt both painful and amazing.

Let's get a few things straight immediately: both art and soundtrack were amazing. My personal favorites being the first and final soundtracks of the main screen.

When it came to the story itself, I really wished for a happy ending because I thought that characters have deserved it. At least I hoped that none of the main cast would be killed. After finishing the VN, I am glad that it had both Grand and True endings. In my opinion, True ending was a perfect way to end the series. It was very emotional indeed.
Though I have to admit, that I was secretly hoping for Touko to be alive somehow. I know this was borderline impossible, but what we got is the closest imaginable thing.
#3 by llee1000
2020-12-28 at 20:34
< report >The true end is by far the best ending in any VN for me. It was the perfect closure for the series as a whole.
#4 by skyliet
2020-12-29 at 06:54
< report >Does anyone kindly share any walkthru or full savegames? sagaoz doesn't have it yet last time I checked

Edit: ah nvm, found it linkLast modified on 2020-12-29 at 06:59
#5 by 420yoloswag
2020-12-29 at 08:32
< report >@#4 Unless that guide was updated, some of the numbers for the evidence choices are wrong in the second playthrough. The evidence choice names are correct, but not the numbers. Make sure you double check and save before selecting a choice.
#6 by skyliet
2020-12-29 at 11:23
< report >#5 I think it's related to Yaginuma, and yeah, it's one error that happened to confuse me,

058│八木沼の自宅・新聞紙 ⇒決定

That's the one. I dunno about the othersLast modified on 2020-12-29 at 11:37
#7 by cryptox12
2020-12-30 at 20:31
< report >The true ending was just so brilliant........ I was nearly in tears reading that, personally I felt a sense of emptiness in my own life all the while until now without having any KnS to look forward to, so that was very gratifying. What about Masaki x Yukari? Seems like we'll never know lol Last modified on 2020-12-30 at 20:32
#8 by askmeaboutloom
2021-01-10 at 01:59
< report >Edit: after marathoning like crazy I finished and I'm really satisfied, the grand ending is just amazing. I like to think that all three final endings happen in succession.

Spoiler question: Is there a possibility that Saegusa (father) was one of Nanako's rapists? he tells you at some point that he was friends with Nanako's father and you know what that man did

I know that this is the last game of the series but what if Misa's real sculpture causes paranoia in the place she is? will we get another game in 70s america with other characters? lol Last modified on 2021-01-11 at 13:20
#9 by gugacion
2021-01-11 at 20:41
< report >So, I finished the true ending yesterday, for me it was poor because I can't read japanese and the translator I used only read the phrases and toughts of the caracteres not this cutscenes like the true ending or the yaginuma in the hospital with his sister scene. Can someone give me a translator that reads everything or translate the whole true ending for me? Sry for asking that much but i really want to understand what toko said and cry more. Appreciate your help
#10 by aftermathofrain
2021-01-13 at 04:15
< report >Learn Japanese.


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