How to deal "NKB" and their new company

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#1 by akarinnnn
2021-01-02 at 15:30
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They use both "Never Knows Best"(NKB) and "武汉希恩港科技有限公司"(Wuhan Xien Gang Co.,Ltd)
How to deal with Never Knows Best Zhizuo Zu? Just edit it or create a new company producer item?
#2 by qpo
2021-01-02 at 20:31
< report >武汉希恩港科技有限公司 was founded in 2019. link Before that, NKB was just a doujin group. So I think we should add a new producer entry for 希恩港, and set it as HKB's "Succeeded by", like non color and Harukaze.

Edit: Oh I almost forgot Type-Moon and Notes Co., Ltd..Last modified on 2021-01-02 at 20:59


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