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#1 by paiin
2021-01-04 at 16:13
< report >Anyone else looking forward to it as me?

Characters look nice like always and this time all 10 subcharacters get a H-Animations. Total of 20 with the 10 main Heroines.

They really improved their quality looking at their 1st project mahou gakuen, this one looks so much better.

Here the ones I found out:
- Chaltina Ruitgart is Formidable from Azur Lane.
- Yumegasaki Mako is Swiftsure from Azur Lane.
- Fam is 2B from NieR: Automata.
- Carole Restram is Yang Guifei from Fate Grand Order.
- Elze Eve Dianta is Shera from Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu.
- Celestia Laciel is Beatrix from Granblue Fantasy.

Sadly I am not sure from where the other 4 main Heroines are, maybe original (?)
I am sure I know Rosalina Raphaelos from somewhere but I can't remember.Last modified on 2021-01-04 at 16:18
#2 by goldgrande
2021-01-10 at 01:23
< report >Kyunkyun looks like kanu
#3 by altonan
2021-01-10 at 03:15
< report >The characters actually look a bit more different from their other media counterparts this time around. If you really want a blatant rip-off just look at Lecia's costume in comparison to Prinz Eugen from Azur Lane from their last game.
#4 by paiin
2021-01-11 at 12:31
< report >#2
You are right, she indeed looks like her. Especially her hair is just a 1:1 copy^^

Lecia might have Prinz Eugen costume but she dosent look like Prinz Eugen at all but Chris from Symphogear.Last modified on 2021-01-14 at 01:00
#5 by goldgrande
2021-01-29 at 16:19
< report >New support character Velda looks like Oui from FGO. I love this company.
#6 by paiin
2021-01-30 at 00:44
< report >#5 ikr.
- Lizzi is Bremerton from Azur Lane
- Velda is Oui from Fate Grand Order.

I am surprised that Velda is a MILF.
#7 by goldgrande
2021-01-30 at 01:37
< report >Doesnt say Velda is a milf, just a wife.
#8 by paiin
2021-01-30 at 16:21
< report >#7 ups. thought I read she was a mother too...
#9 by paiin
2021-02-05 at 16:44
< report >- Lila Snowwill is Lisa from Genshin Impact.Last modified on 2021-02-05 at 16:45
#10 by regalia13
2021-02-05 at 17:31
< report >#9
she looks a lot more like Yamanobe Tomo from seikon no qwaser iMO
#11 by barfboy
2021-02-05 at 18:15
< report >No Raphtalia?
I am disappoint
#12 by mrkew
2021-02-05 at 18:24
< report >#10 Seikon no Qwaser? Lol what year is this, 2011? Surely they use the stuff that's currently popular.
#13 by paiin
2021-02-05 at 19:20
< report >#10 nah, thats obviously Lisa tbh, just compare their hair and outfit. + what #12 just said too.
#11 who knows my friend, there are still 5 more sub-characters left to release, maybe she is in there.Last modified on 2021-02-05 at 20:04
#14 by paiin
2021-02-12 at 12:20
< report >goldgrande as fast as always.

- Angelica is Kokoro from Princess Connect! Re: Dive

- Luxury Hellmare is Fischl from Genshin Impact.

Really love Angelicas design. I am a bit sad, she aint one of the main Heroines. She looks gorgeous.Last modified on 2021-02-12 at 12:25
#15 by goldgrande
2021-02-12 at 13:22
< report >Immediately recgonized Kokkoro. Angelica seems great
#16 by goldgrande
2021-02-27 at 05:31
< report >Lucia is Shinobu from KnY

Citra Lockheart is Atelier Ryza

Maron is that pirate vtuber
#17 by degenerate
2021-05-02 at 08:19
< report >Bump for hopefully others to identify the remaining characters
#18 by barfboy
2021-05-08 at 03:38
< report >Sophia von Managras reminds me of Sachiko
Maybe it's just me.

Oh wait, no, nevermind. She's obviously Matchless
linkLast modified on 2021-05-08 at 06:40
#19 by kratoscar2008
2021-05-29 at 13:26
< report >Kyun Kyun's mom is the dark elf of that one popular rape hentai.


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