Do more visual novels with invisibility exist?

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#1 by invisible
2021-01-05 at 07:33
< report >Sorry for bad English grammar not my first language.

I don't think I need to elaborate but this is a pretty big kink for me.
I'm honestly surprised there aren't more visual novels with this kink or maybe I'm just really bad at searching.
Since the thought about basically being invisible seems be as common as NTR, I have some hunches as to why it may be this way.
Maybe because setting has to really revolve around you and the setting must be set accordingly while being invisible, while NTR could just be part of the story.
Tbh now when I think about it, you could also just be invisible as part of the story so honestly I have no idea.

The only one I found that truly nailed the invisibility part is Stealth Shinshi from MBS Truth
I also enjoyed the Henshin series but it's about shapeshifting into objects like furniture and clothes than being invisible.

I tried looking up Henshin and Stealth Shinshi on Vnstat summery
To see if there are maybe some vns that are shared among people that rate them but nothing really comes close.
Also tried looking up the vns on Dlsite and looking at what people also bought in addition to those vns but nothing really came close either.

If anyone knows any vns that are more along these lines, it would really help ^^

Thank you.Last modified on 2021-01-05 at 07:40
#2 by eacil
2021-01-05 at 08:01
< report >Use the tag system.
#3 by invisible
2021-01-05 at 08:06
< report >Sorry I should've clarified that I used the tag system, what I meant was more the lines of why there aren't more and that they have to be more along the lines of Stealth Shinshi and Henshin.
Not that I can't find more on the website (which is still a pretty small selection).
#4 by shinytentacool
2021-01-05 at 08:46
< report >A Miel game about invisibility just came out last month
Edit: oh. this is more of a rant threadLast modified on 2021-01-05 at 08:49
#5 by invisible
2021-01-05 at 09:23
< report >It's definitely not rant thread, I'm obviously doing a very bad job at explaining myself.
I'm mostly looking for suggestions, and I was also interested at the opinion of others of why the selection is so limited.
Probably a language barrier.
I'm doing my best here with the help of google translate, apologies.
#6 by barfboy
2021-01-05 at 21:24
< report >I dunno. Kisei Fuka ~Ore wa Sonzai Shinai no de, Nani o Yatte mo Yurusareru~

I've never played the games you listed.


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