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#26 by basado88
2021-01-11 at 05:17
< report >Is there a way to re-enable the old search function? I don't need any of these new additions, and it seems like there's no way to hide VNs based on tags.
#27 by Mrkew
2021-01-11 at 05:35
< report >
there's no way to hide VNs based on tags
There is.
#28 by basado88
2021-01-11 at 06:47
< report >Got it working by adding multiple individual inverted tags, then somehow they eventually combined. The VNs are now hidden.Last modified on 2021-01-11 at 07:05
#29 by injection93
2021-01-11 at 07:26
< report >I really hope we get back to old search system, it was very good, did someone actually complained about it?

Anyway, how can i exclude tags with this new system? Idk everything seems so complicated now
#30 by lolifoxie
2021-01-11 at 07:44
< report >>it was very good
It wasn't good enough tho, I really love new system. Just play with it thoughtfully for 10 minutes and you will understand how practical it is.
#31 by krmetus
2021-01-11 at 09:32
< report >The new search is sometimes not as user-friendly on mobile phones. It does require zooming in and swipe around the screen at first since the branches are not all aligned in the center unless using up to five or six branches or unless character/staff/release filter branches on used

Still used to the languages sorted in one listed column, alphabetically sorted and single scroll down was rather simple. Platforms and language in two listed columns is kind of distracting since it takes at least three seconds for me to find a specific language. By the way, on mobile, tapping a list in the old search when filtering will bring up a interface of checkboxes allowing users to tap their option. Our mobile devices' checkbox takes over the screen and are in large font that minimized eye strain. The new search does not invoke the checkbox and requires for users zoom in more and swipe around the screen to find that option into one list.

@basado88 & @injection93
Inverting the tags means the search exclude visual novels with the tags you don't want. Unlike the old search engine where inclusion and exclusion of tags are in the same column, the new search requires a separate branch. Clicking "inverse" on a branch which will mark it to exclude the tags you don't like.

"Inverted" is a weird choice to replace "exclude" since it means "to reverse or turn upside-down" and not "leave out."

Honestly, the main gripe I have with new search engine is rather my familiarity with the old system where I know where everything is and that I'm not require to look around the screen to found what I need. It does lack simplicity and maybe organization which can seem not user-friendly. For the life of me, I forgot age rating is under "releases".

The search does have few good points such as score levels of tags which includes/excludes visual novel's specific contents that have either a low or high presence. It helps sorting out more relevant visual novels. Filtering characters is actually very good since I can now look for games with more than one character with separate traits/archetype.

And I realize there's no reset search function which is considerably useful as the branches have to be manually deleted by each head.Last modified on 2021-01-11 at 09:39
#32 by nagashiedogawa
2021-01-11 at 09:50
< report >
the correct approach is to go through a character filter.

Well, thanks for showing me how to do the search properly. I can find it now.
#33 by nyaaamii
2021-01-11 at 09:52
< report >Sounds great.
Is it now possible to distinguish galge from non-galge vns among vns with a male protagonist, like it's possible to distinguish otome from non-otome vns among vns with a female protagonist? I'm not really keen on romancing girls from a male perspective.
#34 by mysterio777
2021-01-13 at 04:55
< report >Not sure if I'm using it wrong, but sometimes I get some strange results using the new search. For example, I did a test search using these filters:

Finished (to show all my finish VN's)
Staff--Voice Actors

I did a search using that and it only listed 11 of the 114 VN's I finished. (and all my VN's have voice actors). Almost as if it just randomly picked those 11. Is this behavior normal?
#35 by Yorhel
2021-01-13 at 05:59
< report >@34: Yeah, same mistake as mentioned in t15372.20 (last line). Voice actors aren't listed under a VN's staff, so what your filters actually do is "give me all VNs where at least one non-VA staff member has also played a role as voice actor somewhere". This is way too confusing, will fix later.

In the mean time, what you can do is something like this.
#36 by mysterio777
2021-01-13 at 09:51
< report >I was originally trying to do a search of a voice actress to see how many VN's she was in that I've played so far. (just looking under the actresses page doesn't help me much with this since all the VN listings on there use the japanese versions of the names which I have a hard time memorizing). So I was hoping using the new search would've helped with this. Looking forward to it being added at some point but no need to rush.
#37 by Yorhel
2021-01-13 at 10:18
< report >You can already do that, it's just not very intuitive for now.
#38 by Ileca
2021-01-13 at 10:37
< report >Can I search for VN which don't have characters with seiyuu linked to them?
I use a roundabout way by excluding characters with Japanese seiyuu but I want to know if there is a cleaner way to achieve this result.
#39 by mysterio777
2021-01-13 at 10:47
< report >Ahh I see, my bad. Still getting the hang of the new search so didn't notice that. Reason being I had no idea what Seiyuu was (apparently it's the word for japanese voice actresses). So thanks for the help.Last modified on 2021-01-13 at 10:59
#40 by Yorhel
2021-01-13 at 11:26
< report >
I use a roundabout way by excluding characters with Japanese seiyuu
Yeah, uh, that's kind of the way. :(
A technically elegant solution would be to add an "always matches" filter, but that's going to be so not-at-all obvious to use.

Reason being I had no idea what Seiyuu was
I'll take the blame for that one, being so inconsistent on VNDB. Some places they're called "cast", other places it's "voice actor/actress" and now these filters say "seiyuu". -.-
Think I'll standardize everything to cast or something.
#41 by Yorhel
2021-01-13 at 13:27
< report >Alright, hopefully improved the weird behavior of the staff filters now. Voice actors are now considered part of the VN's staff, so you can filter them by using the "staff" filter and setting the appropriate role, so this works now.
(You may get a timeout if you try to invert the role filter. I should be able to fix that if people need this)

Also renamed seiyuu to voice actor for consistency.

Can I search for VN which don't have characters with seiyuu linked to them?
You can now.
#42 by rampaa
2021-01-13 at 15:09
< report >Why does link return non-zero results?

Also can staff/developer/producer/VA names be made clickable as well?
#43 by Yorhel
2021-01-13 at 15:25
< report >
Why does link return non-zero results?
Known issue with the VN->Character->VA filter, it doesn't require that the VA is actually linked to the VN, whereas the staff filter does correctly handle that. No clue how to fix that without causing the query to time out.

Also can staff/developer/producer/VA names be made clickable as well?
Will do!
#44 by rampaa
2021-01-13 at 15:49
< report >
No clue how to fix that without causing the query to time out.
Wouldn't a query like link always ensure that the VA is actually linked to the VN? I am not sure how well this approach would work for exclusion but assuming that staff filters perform better than VA filters would if they were to be corrected by adding "AND =" clause, maybe incorporating this behavior into VA filters' underlying SQL might be a viable alternative?Last modified on 2021-01-13 at 15:57
#45 by asudake
2021-01-14 at 04:05
< report >This has been asked before, but I don't really see an answer: is it possible to go back to the old system? If only to change or speed it up. As a few have pointed out, this system is very confusing. Maybe it's my unfamiliarity to it, but it was a lot easier to find stuff when it was sectioned off in tabs. Now there are so many different clicks. Another problem, I can't seem to find "Original Language" in the releases tab. I use it to separate western releases and Japanese releases in English. Since there a million VN's on Renpy it helps... I just messed around and found the option... In a place I didn't expect to find it. But whatever.

Last thing I'll say is that I don't really like the how many clicks we have to go through to add one setting. Like MANY clicks. The old system had you check off/on a setting and you could do it multiple times per page. I'm not trying to rag on this new system, but after using this website for 10 years or so, I thought the last thing that needed a complete overhaul was the search. Updates sure, but this is a bit much.
#46 by cygnus
2021-01-14 at 09:25
< report >I've been looking forward to being able to search within the custom lists I make ('My Labels') and this is amazing, thanks!! Will be using that constantly now.
I actually think it's pretty intuitive, but it's understandable that people that have been using the same search function for many years miss the old system. But this is so much more flexible and powerful (bugs aside?)
#47 by shellshock
2021-01-14 at 17:13
< report >omg....

I have no idea what just happened lmao
#48 by fibag
2021-01-14 at 23:01
< report >Still filtre Story animation or eroge animation only appear is not fixed it...It not work guys fix it please.Last modified on 2021-01-15 at 17:41
#49 by shinytentacool
2021-01-15 at 05:33
< report >The new search seems pretty powerful. Even if I like others am feeling the "change is bad" awkwardness right now, I'll live

What i'm curious about is why the default filter affects the search bar on the homepage. That's new i think. It's true, 99% of my interest is in vns with explicit content, but if I'm specifically typing out the name of a VN I wanna see the listing regardless of my preferences

Maybe an option in settings for what the default filters affect?
#50 by Mrkew
2021-01-15 at 06:13
< report >
What i'm curious about is why the default filter affects the search bar on the homepage. That's new i think.
It's not.