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#76 by soulvnovel
2021-03-07 at 18:20
< report >No clue where to ask so I try here:

I want to know how I can (if possible) search using criteria "complete" (fully translated) as I couldn't find the option or tag and get "partial" translation as well

So, I want to check what VN on my wishlist have or will be 100% English

I put: [nothing in search] + English + Windows + On my list + {wishlist}.

This will show me all my VN on my wishlist that has an English release. But, this includes partial ones (like Bunny Black 3 has) so I need to check 1 by 1 and get tons of surprised of VNs I never though will, have actually been realised in English

So yeah. is there an option: Language - English that are "complete" translated?
#77 by Ileca
2021-03-08 at 01:09
< report >Release > Type > Complete.
#78 by soulvnovel
2021-03-10 at 00:24
< report >Thanks, I didn't realise that where to find that one.

Sadly.... it didn't improve the situation as it will show complete even if its in Japanese (Aka, I still have all partial English results since the criteria of "Complete" is meet with the original full Japanese release-.-). And yes, I'm using the "AND" criterial.

So yeah. is there an option: Language - English that are "complete" translated?
#79 by wilk220
2021-03-10 at 01:07
< report >Are you sure your language and platform filters are set as release filters? If they're VN filters (that's the default) and my understanding of how search queries work is correct, you'll get all VNs for which there's at least one release matching the given language, at least one release matching the given platform and at least one complete release. Something like link might work.Last modified on 2021-03-10 at 01:36
#80 by soulvnovel
2021-03-11 at 14:24
< report >That what I was looking for! I didn't realise until I saw your example.

Question successfully answered. Thank you
#81 by kratoscar2008
2021-03-13 at 02:46
< report >How the hell do I choose wether I want a tag excluded or included?
#82 by wilk220
2021-03-13 at 14:52
< report >Clicking ✗invert in the tag selection dialog would exclude items matching given tags.
#83 by kratoscar2008
2021-03-14 at 09:45
< report >Well I add 2 tags and instead of looking for VNs with the 2 tags it gives me VNs with 1 of the tags.
We should have the option for the old search in our profiles, this one kinda sucks. I liked when we had the old one plus character search. The revamped one is crap.Last modified on 2021-03-14 at 09:46
#84 by npzmzfg
2021-03-14 at 16:37
< report >The default search mode for tags (mode:all, represented by ∀) requires that all listed tags are present, so you shouldn't be seeing titles with only some of the tags you entered. Are you sure that your query actually corresponded to what you wanted? It sounds like you might have changed it to mode:any, represented by ∃, which just requires that one of the tags is present.
#85 by kratoscar2008
2021-03-15 at 02:00
< report >I mean just look at what you wrote?
Why does the search option now require coding skills?
Its really not very user friendly.
#86 by moevora
2021-03-15 at 03:47
< report >coding skill...? that's math symbol..
#87 by npzmzfg
2021-03-15 at 07:53
< report >Yes, the new search is less user-friendly than the old search.
It is also a lot more powerful than the old search.

The difficulty here mainly comes from me trying to explain in words what I should just have shown with an image: linkLast modified on 2021-03-15 at 08:40
#88 by kratoscar2008
2021-03-18 at 16:06
< report >#86
Well Im as bad there.

I see.
Thanks I get it now but its really not very intuitive for someone like me and I assume people who dont se the db as much too.Last modified on 2021-03-18 at 16:11
#89 by npzmzfg
2021-03-18 at 16:19
< report >#88 Oh, I see. You cannot do it with a single filter, so you need to 'And' two 'Tags' filters. You set one filter to require Nameable Protagonist and set the second filter to exclude Non-human Heroine by enabling the "invert" option.

It'll look like this: link
#90 by kratoscar2008
2021-03-18 at 18:30
< report >#89 yeah thanks, I was retarded there.
Sorry for coming off so aggressive.
#91 by Mutsuki
2021-03-19 at 01:44
< report >Is there a way to filter out games that are fan discs to other games?
#92 by silvercover
2021-03-20 at 12:08
< report >nvm think I found itLast modified on 2021-03-20 at 12:09
#93 by uyyyu
2021-03-25 at 15:46
< report >How to search for traits and tags together ?
#94 by npzmzfg
2021-03-25 at 18:46
< report >
How to search for traits and tags together ?
The tags filter is there by default, but to add a traits filter as well you need to click the + button, then click "Character »" and finally click "Traits". That'll add a filter where you can include/exclude traits.Last modified on 2021-03-25 at 18:46
#95 by uyyyu
2021-03-26 at 10:02
< report >Many thanks!
#96 by lotuscale
2021-04-24 at 03:18
< report >Hello, can I know am I misusing the "all mode" or something? I got different results from link and link.
#97 by Yorhel
2021-04-24 at 17:29
< report >The second query is a contradiction: "has a staff member that is both s469 and s794". It's impossible for a single staff entry to be both, so the all mode shouldn't even be available. I'll fix that later.
#98 by lotuscale
2021-04-25 at 15:12
< report >Thanks!
#99 by NaioHoras
2021-07-04 at 07:14
< report >a "has image" filter for character search would be pretty helpful
#100 by otakudoug
2021-08-15 at 06:20
< report >I thought of a feature that may be handy to have, I was thinking one night that it may be useful to rate tags so that people can see what tags are the most popular. It may also aid in finding tags for deletion as they are either unpopular or not used that often, and in some cases maybe even redundant.