I gave up

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#1 by captbdick
2021-01-10 at 13:39
< report >Is there a difficulty setting or anything?
I just can't play the game when the stupid demon army event start
I see people conquer the entire east on turn 40 and here I am struggling to defeat tenshist :)
This stupid game is definitely not noob-friendly :(((
#2 by zelkdi
2021-01-10 at 14:23
< report >there is a difficulty setting after your first run, the first run locks you on the easiest one, sorry
#3 by captbdick
2021-01-10 at 14:39
< report >so I can't even do the easiest one...
#4 by zelkdi
2021-01-10 at 14:54
< report >restart a run and you'll do better with your new knolewdge, and just keep playing without forgetting to do dungeon sometimes since it's the real only way to get stuck. If you keep plying long enough the game basically gives you the victory
#5 by captbdick
2021-01-10 at 15:02
< report >I lost some IQ playing this game so maybe another time
Maybe eiyuu senki is better for me
#6 by shinytentacool
2021-01-10 at 16:58
< report >Always heard people say this is the best Rance. So it has frustrating gameplay... Not sure I even wanna bother now
#7 by forever-here
2021-01-10 at 17:38
< report >if I were to give advice, I'd say don't be a warfreak. gather as much sat bonuses as that will largely help. and don't hesitate to call for reinforcements from previous games. try getting the 50 sat bonus asap as that will give you a bonus action fan, which helps A LOT. avoid getting war with the ninjas as that they will just annoy you and conquering them only means breaking the all-too-important gourd.
#8 by barfboy
2021-01-11 at 06:56
< report >Hold off the demon army for 20-30 turns, just don't lose your capitol and the game will advance you to a position where you own 95% of the map. It's a scripted event where if you take too long conquering the game the game throws you a bone.

Your first playthrough is ALWAYS like this because you have no starting bonuses. Once you start getting starting bonuses, even just 5 points will make a huge difference in how quickly you conquer the map. Just hang in there, don't lose Owari and you'll win I promise you.
#9 by asaki
2021-01-11 at 07:22
< report >As long as you didn't beat Iga, you shouldn't face Demon Army at 40th turn. Also while Iga here is easy, you won't get anything if you win the battle. I don't know your situation as of now, so perhaps you better reset it and just use my suggestion that I made five years ago (The link for the general advice, and another link for my tips after beat Dokuganryuu). I assume that the tips should still work as long as Mangagamer didn't tweak the engine too much.
#10 by overmage
2021-01-11 at 12:52
< report >Focus on gathering strong commanders and buffing Rance in this order. The key to success is having powerhouse units; the more you have the easier the game gets. Natori (Miko) is one of the said powerhouse units you should go for early. Reinforcements as well, Leila can be extremely strong in a defensive battle. And as the rest have said, don't fight Iga too early. They are easy but the Demon Army is scripted to come after you take over a certain number of kingdoms (gourd breaks), so save Iga for (one of the) last.Last modified on 2021-01-11 at 12:54
#11 by zelkdi
2021-01-11 at 17:26
< report >> Always heard people say this is the best Rance. So it has frustrating gameplay... Not sure I even wanna bother now

I don't think most people who've actually played the while series would think that, it's my favourite in term of gameplay but if you play for the story it's one of the weakest, the best game award is undeniably 03/quest/IX/X if you had to chose


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