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#1 by alncst
2021-01-10 at 20:25
< report >I think this game has a strong flavor meaning ppl how like that will really like it and imo that flavor is shaming the mc, tho I just finished 1 its obvious that the mc is at the bottom of the "totem pole", I might have played other games from this developers but just from the description it leaves the impression of all being bout an useless/"abused" mc. ok I might have exaggerated a little but there are tons of moments where the mc is shamed and the mc is definitively the support type, this game imo is about the heroines more than their relationship.

Leaving taste aside the game it self is good and well made if you like this kinda of thing you should definitively play. even if you don't like it, if you can get pass the common route there's at least 1 maybe 2 routes that are not heavy on exposing the "uselessness" of the mc.

ps: on the route I played there was mention of pegging so be carful


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