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#1 by sterelok123
2021-01-10 at 20:28
< report >Hi.

Would you add some aliases for me. I don't think I could edit it myself.

I remember I added the "encasement" tag which I think I may have wanted to be an erotic tag, but I found out an erotic one exited called "mummification" which is difficult to find (I would think of mummies instead). My encasement tag is already added as a non-erotic tag which would probably be removed later since it's too limited and not many games exit for it.

What I want is to remove the encasement tag, and add the "encasement" and its aliases to the "Erotic Mummification" as aliases, or to add all the tags used for the encasement, with an "erotic" like "erotic encasement" to the mummification tag, without removing the encasement tag.

Mostly "encasement" is used for this in many sites like Rule34 and it would make it easier to find it this way.

Thank you.
#2 by sterelok123
2021-01-10 at 20:35
< report >In short, please add the Cacoon, Encasement, Pod tags to Erotic Mummification as aliases. Thank you.


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