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#1 by mspy
2021-01-13 at 18:05
< report >Heyo!
Anyone knows what is the deal with Jellyfish? Are they still operating or...?

They announced a 'DVD EDITION' of their game GREEN which is supposed to upgrade said game with animation quality of the likes of their other game called Sisters, yet despite this release being announced years ago it has been deleted? from vndb and I heard no news about it since (it is still listed on Jellyfish website thou).

Then there's their completely new game called 'Black and White' which they announced years ago and also released a video of it which, to me, indicated that they were all hands on deck on that one, it is listed here in vndb but like the GREEN 'DVD EDITION' version I haven't heard anything about it in years.

Finally there's 'I Virgin' which was listed on vndb and discussed here link but then it got removed? from vndb and no news since.

Seriously what's up with all that? I know that some companies take years to release stuff but the Jellyfish case is beyond reasonably, I mean taking more than 10 years to release a game ? How can someone survive that long ? Sure they did some re-releases of 'Sisters' which contained some extra scenes and all (IMO just to milk it) but apart from that... nothing? Is this a serious company or just a part time job for these guys ? I think 'Sisters' was pretty well received and I don't see any reason for the company not to continue their work and cease to exist, but hey this is just me thinking. I love Jellyfish games and can only wish that there were other companies which released stuff with such quality. Fact is Jellyfish is one of the few and probably the best company that releases full animated games.
#2 by jazz957
2021-01-13 at 20:01
< report >I think they just really take their time. There were about 7.5 years between the release of Lovers and Sisters. Taki Minashika has been doing a lot of doujin work, a lot of it art of characters from Love Escalator/Lovers. And you can see he's also done some art for Clock Up.Last modified on 2021-01-13 at 20:04


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