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#1 by vnboi
2021-01-16 at 07:47
< report >Can someone give me a guide or just tell me how to get all the CGs?
#2 by vnboi
2021-02-14 at 21:23
< report >Found this: link
First week survival guide:
To not have her leave you don't abuse Yuu monitor her mood; gentle/happy etc..
Day 1: buy Coffee, you can also buy pajamas if you want
Repeated night sequence: Bath, x5 headpats, Coffee, Talk: Chat with her about her life & talk = x5 actions
Clear all talking options ie ask about life priority 1, others include hair & cooking esp in AM requires no AP
On day 5: Select you believe her/top option concerning her life story
On day 8: Head to station(LP100)/ top option to find Yuu again => unlocks coop relationship
Unlock Scene 1/ first blowjob
Day 10 and on Tip: Try to purchase books/mags and condoms - get Yuu learning the PC ASAP to help you work so you can unlock Sundays off as its X total LPs/days from Yuu learning dialogue.

Sex Tips / Freq asked questions:
Yuu can only orgasm via clit stimulation in beginning until her vaginal sensitivity increases from use.
Her ergos zones are chest/clit/vaginal and they can be raised to max of 100
Use Ctrl to skip text and spacebar to speed up ecchi scenes
If you touch her too much tits/grab ass it will reduce her mood
when luu's mood is low you cannot receive oral
Vibrator use is by clicking on Yuu's skirt/ass infront of the PC while she is wearing your shirt or her sailor uniform
From my testing;
Higher lust with condoms by +4 for $400
Higher satisfaction/love without condoms by +6/+1 for $3000
(*to me seems useless* and any rawdawg prior to 1st date / confession scene will kind of ruin it)
Forced sex via lotion (Yuu having 0 orgasms) / not having sex = -30 satisfaction
No difference cumming inside/outside besides the LP cost

Scene 1 - Receive first blow job
Scene 2 - Get a lot of blow jobs unlocks deep throat / option for if good mood to clean you up with a deep throat if u stop sex prior to maximum orgasm amount
Scene 3 - Gym Clothes/bloomers - click on bag that appears on Fridays with 2 condoms in inventory unlocks doggy style - have her wear bloomers again in reverse cowgirl for more unlocks
Scene 4 - First kiss - Take Yuu on a date on Sunday/holiday after you have taught her computers/assist you with work to unlock Sundays off, requires casual clothes
Scene 5 - Love hotel sex / 1st rawdawg scene post love confession it just follows scene 4
Scene 6 - Hold out sex on a Sunday for kitchen scene with apron + schoolgirl uniform
Scene 7 - Have 4+ orgasms each on Saturday prior to a holiday Sunday
Scene 8 - Use chamomile tea to make Yuu fall asleep before you do toward the end of your actions and click her booty
Scene 9 - Yuu caught masturbating - After Ojisan showers yuu will masturbate unsure of requirements if it is satisfaction based / from holding out sex by # days
Scene 10 - Yuu caught masturbating 2nd time - exit shower and barge into room - unlocks oral in pile driver position
Scene 11 - Follows scene 10 penetration in pile driver position
Scene 12 - Go on holiday Sunday to love hotel / date with tiny bikini in inventory unlocks cowgirl and willingness for Yuu to wear the bikini at home

Only view-able in gallery
Scene 13 - Yuu rapes Ojisan in sleep - think withholding sex for unknown # and sleeping before Yuu or auto unlocks after scene 4 & 8 are unlocked - only viewable in gallery think this is because its from the perspective of Yuu while ojisan sleeping
Scene 14 - Epilogue - Only viewable in gallery - dream of Yuu being pregnant - reality of finding out Ojisan is getting a new job/new place to live for Yuu and their kid

Daily AP Gains/Losses: ~ daily +65 LP Gained through actions
Bath (-10+15) = +5LP
Yuu Tea = +20LP
Head pats = +5LP
Can do 2nd set of headpats +4lp without AP cost and stop before 5th headpat to prevent her getting angry for touching her too much
Morning talk to Yuu = +20LP with no AP cost
Night Talk;
Talk to Yuu: Talk (-10AP+20) = +10LP
Talk to Yuu: Praise Cooking (-10AP+20) = +10LP
Invite to bed missionary(-20AP -1 open legs) 3138
Her first orgasm =+10LP
First male orgasm = +10LP
Q Male orgasm: cum inside = -3LP
Q Male orgasm: cum outside = -5LPLast modified on 2021-02-14 at 21:26
#3 by ichigokami
2021-05-09 at 18:19
< report >thanks.
#4 by mizuki12
2021-05-21 at 13:33
< report >did u know how to finish this game? or is there an ending on this game?Last modified on 2021-05-21 at 13:38
#5 by ichigokami
2021-05-22 at 01:06
< report >get all the scenes to unlock scene 14(epilogue.)


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