How do I use the database to my advantage?

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#1 by otakudoug
2021-01-20 at 07:01
< report >I am looking for advice on how to setup/use filters to make finding new visual novels I may be interested in playing easier.

More specifically I am trying to filter the search to (1) include visual novels that I have labeled with "stalled" for example to indicate I may wish to play it later, even though the visual novel contains a tag that I have excluded/blocked from search results, (2) exclude visual novels that I have labeled "blacklist" from searches.

For example consider this, you are searching for a harem visual novel like some of the anime you have seen and find one that you like. however, it contains the tag "Protagonist's Sister as a Heroine" and you are not a big fan of incest and were planning on excluding incest from future searches, but because it is an optional path that can be avoided you still want it to show up in your searches. You would then label it as "stalled" so you can exclude "Incest" from searches without effecting the visual novel you labeled.


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