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#1 by proteuskun
2021-01-20 at 07:47
< report >.Last modified on 2021-01-20 at 07:56
#2 by mrkew
2021-01-20 at 07:53
< report >Considering looking at the gallery before you say a tag is a mistake.
#3 by proteuskun
2021-01-20 at 07:55
< report >ok i believe cause i dont want to look at that if it is true i thought it was messed up so alrightLast modified on 2021-01-20 at 07:56
#4 by mrkew
2021-01-20 at 08:09
< report >Someone who likes onee-sans but doesn't like /ss/. Now I've seen everything.
#5 by yorhel
2021-01-20 at 08:15
< report >I take it he was talking about Sex with Children on Kawai Marika. I skimmed the gallery but didn't see anything loli/shota. Then again, the trait description says "underage", which would be anything <18, so it may be a little misleading.
#6 by mrkew
2021-01-20 at 08:19
< report >I linked the shota directly in #2 - 78-84. No idea if it's temporary age regression or whatnot.
#7 by yorhel
2021-01-20 at 08:20
< report >Ah my bad, exhentai didn't work for me so I took a glance at Hitomi, which loaded way too slow to get a good look.


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