How do I make this trash run in fullscreen on W10

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#1 by holotomus
2021-01-21 at 01:03
< report >Yes, I've tried alt + tab and compatiblity settings, but it doesn't help.Last modified on 2021-01-21 at 01:04
#2 by mutsuki
2021-01-21 at 01:26
< report >I had fullscreen issues as well, except for the kirikiri engine. my problem was that my laptop's second screen was messing up the fullscreen stretching and left the game unfullscreened surrounded by black. once i disabled the second screen, the fullscreen worked. maybe that'll work for this too?

also i think you mean alt-enter but just in case i'll just say that and the letter 'f' key, f11 and f12 because they're often fullscreen keys too.Last modified on 2021-01-21 at 01:27
#3 by holotomus
2021-01-21 at 01:32
< report >I don't use two screens tho. It would probably work if I'd lower my screen res, but I find that extremly impractical.
#4 by amnesiac
2021-02-23 at 00:05
< report >If you press F10 in game there's a menu in Japanese with the last(lower right) field being the choice between hardware and software rendering(the lowest option).

I used hardware rendering with apps called Borderless Gaming(9.5.6) and Reso(made by angeldust research apparently) for automatic switching to 800x600 on launch and back on quit, because software rendering in native res caused the picture to be pixelated and caused some sort of flickering in 800x600, but it worked without 3rd party apps.

If you run into problems like the window not showing or crashing while fiddling with various options like me in bb1, deleting Bunny.opt in Bunny.sav should restore the default windowed state in bb1. I don't know how this all works in bb2, yet, tho, but possibly the same.Last modified on 2021-02-23 at 00:22
#5 by droganpc
2021-02-26 at 04:26
< report >hey, it's larger than a phone screen.
why can't you just play it like it's intended to be ?
#6 by vic2511
2021-02-26 at 18:18
< report >Similar problem to Chain Ushinawareta Ashiato actually. I'm convinced its something to do with your initial resolution since for some reason it runs fine on Surface Laptop 3 so I just use remote desktop to play.
#7 by bluedolphinx
2021-03-19 at 12:23
< report >Might be the type of connection you use to your monitor, too. I have two screens, and it doesn't work in fullscreen using the f10 menu on my main screen (for more than 5 min), but it works on my second screen (indefinitely). My main screen is connected by a vga cable, and my second screen is connected by a displayport cable. Or the reason could be something completely unrelated to the cables, but eh.


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