Kyonyuu Fantasy series

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#1 by mikiru
2021-01-26 at 12:08
< report >Hello. I would like to know what "IF" and Gaiden are in this series. Should I start with just the numbered parts? And what is Digital Novel Edition, since pages on vndb have been made for them.
#2 by subtodub
2021-01-26 at 12:37
< report >Gaiden are practically After Stories or sequels of said entry, if is an "if story" with altered things
#3 by zakashi
2021-01-26 at 12:50
< report >Gaiden 1 and 2 are sequels, it's very important to read them in order to fully understand Ryuuto's story.
#4 by mikiru
2021-01-26 at 20:22
< report >Did not answer all my questions, and did not give a specific answer whether it is worth starting to play in the if version.

What is this series in general? I doubt that the rating of these games is relatively high only because of the large breasts in the h-scenes.
#5 by zakashi
2021-01-26 at 20:51
< report >I never read "if" because I don't Japanese but the names imply that you already read the numbered ones (?).
I'm sorry not being helpful man.

What is this series in general? I doubt that the rating of these games is relatively high only because of the large breasts in the h-scenes.

Yeah but I'll say that the pervert aspect of the game is pretty good, with good sex scenes and pervert dialogue.
But one thing that I found pretty good in this series is the protagonist, you'll have to start from the first game to understand why, he's full of mysteries and his Rags to Riches story is pretty entertaining to see (it's even hilarious at some scenes, I burst out laughing at how ridiculous some situations are).
And the same can be said about Kyonyuu Fantasy 2, Ruin is just a copy/paste of Ryuuto, so it's very entertaining to watch both of them.

That's why I gave a high score to this game, but there are other good things also: a big world being explored etc.

But what I liked about Ryuuto people might actually find annoying, this is a little spoilery so I'll cover: it can be said that nothing goes ever wrong for him (he's imprisoned sometimes and all but people will get what I'm meaning), he never has a real challenge, it's a Gary Stu character. It didn't bother me in his case.Last modified on 2021-01-26 at 21:05
#6 by bookwormotaku
2021-01-26 at 21:40
< report >The if games are basically the directors-cut/expanded editions for their respective games and I'm pretty sure they're the canon versions as well. I've played 2if (and eagerly await its localization). The reason is in Gaiden 2 one of the characters makes a reference to something that happens only in a route that isn't the true ending route of KF2, but in 2if that happens in the game's true ending route.
#7 by mikiru
2021-01-27 at 17:10
< report >So, do I end up playing if games without paying attention to the original?
#8 by danteas
2021-01-27 at 17:18
< report >#5 about Ryuuto i wouldnt call him a gary stu since he got out of half of the ocations he found himself into by pure dumb luck. and the gary stu descriptioon doesnt really aply to himLast modified on 2021-01-27 at 17:19
#9 by zakashi
2021-01-27 at 17:41
< report >Yeah that, he's so stupidly lucky that it's actually hillarious 😂
At least it was for me.
#10 by bookwormotaku
2021-01-28 at 02:19
< report >#7 You can if you want to assuming you know enough Japanese to play untranslated; MG is doing that by localizing 3if and skipping over the original 3 . Admittedly I've only played the demo for 3if but I can say if it's any indication it's a complete rewrite of the original as the initial story is completely different from 3's beginning. 2if (which I have played) starts out similar enough to the original with only minor differences and you don't really see any big story changes until after the first arc. Still if you're debating about whether to play 2 or not I would still recommend playing it for now since MG has yet to announce a localization for 2if, 2 is still a good game and has some good tie ins with Gaiden 2 plus if/when G localizes 2if if you've played the original you might appreciate some of the changes more.
My recommended playing order based on what's available in english is this:
Kyonyuu Fantasy
Kyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden
Kyonyuu Fantasy 2
Kyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden 2
If language isn't a problem then you can switch out 2 for 2if and from there you can play the KF3 games or Gaiden 2 After.
#11 by mikiru
2021-01-28 at 08:24
< report >If there is no translation, this is not a problem for me. Moreover, I was planning to play in the original language.Last modified on 2021-01-28 at 08:26
#12 by makeiks
2021-02-27 at 13:13
< report >I really like the saga cool to see 3 coming out and I hope they translate 4 too. There are more stuff with the original one but I think Gaiden 2 finish things in a nice way too.
#13 by java
2021-06-05 at 18:16
< report >After finishing the KF4 harem route it seems that KF3if is the canon here, while the KF3 is alternative story.

I don't want to spoil, but I really suggest finishing the KF3if first before starting KF4 because many past event is quoted here and there, like how the minotaurs get that curse, etc are explained in KF3if.Last modified on 2021-06-05 at 18:17
#14 by spectraltime
2021-09-08 at 03:33
< report >Wish I had a better sense for what happened in the DLC stories Mangagamer hasn't done yet, or 2if...

Also, as someone finally getting to play 3if, I've found Medusa quite charming, and I wish it didn't look like her story'd have to wait for a DLC that may never be released in English.
#15 by danteas
2021-09-08 at 04:45
< report >#14 if you are talking about 3if sequel, you are better not reading medusa route, its like waffle doesnt like her since they seriously did her dirty there.
#16 by serzh
2022-06-05 at 17:35
< report >I hope MangaGamer will pick this novel too.


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