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#1 by kurosakijin
2021-02-02 at 21:29
< report >you thought it was episode 4 but it was me dio.
#2 by shirokuza
2021-03-18 at 15:16
< report >So this is a continuation of Yuki iro? I've finished Haruka Senpai, and it looks like it will be hard to finish the fourth episode. let's just say I wrote traces on this thread
#3 by kayste
2021-03-18 at 15:37
< report >Judging from the official site, the new chapter is primarily going to be epilogues for each of the heroines continuing from the ends of their individual episodes. It makes sense when you finish ep4 that this was the direction they chose to "proceed".
#4 by diabloryuzaki
2021-03-19 at 15:37
< report >after story without new story OR after story with new story, it is just that
#5 by wayri
2021-03-21 at 22:06
< report >I think if you read Episode 4 this New Episode becomes a bit more clear on where it's going to go


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