Search newer releases from our last ‘Obtained’ one

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#1 by mspy
2021-02-08 at 10:09
< report >hey

When searching, is it possible to add a filter to search only for the releases from the date forward of the most recent date of a game release that we've marked as 'Obtained' ?
The goal would be to check for new releases that we do not own that were released after our last 'Obtained' release for a game.

I know that you already can manually enter a specific date to search from there on, but in this case that would not work because release dates vary from game to game so what I'm really looking for is a way to the search function to automatically check and dynamically change accordingly from game to game the date of my last 'Obtained' release for a game and search for new releases for that game from that date forward.

This would be useful to check for new releases of games that we own that are later re-released on other languages that we may be interested on, or on new platforms, or even on an improved state such as a Remaster version or a special edition with bonus content and whatnot.
#2 by spyolas
2021-10-03 at 07:06
< report >This would be neat.


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