Censored version available?

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#1 by jimbokim
2021-02-22 at 21:57
< report >Does this game have a version without hentai? I thought I saw one when I was wanting to play it a few years ago but as I recall I only found a physical copy, and I would much prefer to download it. If there's not an official "clean" version, is there a patch of some sort?Last modified on 2021-02-22 at 21:57
#2 by sanahtlig
2021-02-22 at 21:58
< report >There's a console version you can play. In Japanese. Good hunting!
#3 by jimbokim
2021-02-23 at 03:45
< report >Welp, that's not gonna happen lolLast modified on 2021-02-23 at 03:46


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