Amayui castle meister Translation


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#1 by sanipasc
2021-03-02 at 16:53
< report >Is the english translation still going on?Last modified on 2021-03-02 at 16:54
#2 by zakashi
2021-03-02 at 21:48
< report >Is it?
#3 by mikiru
2021-03-03 at 06:49
< report >There is some kind of translation available on the Discord channel. They claim to have translated everything except sex scenes, but this should be checked.
#4 by ilucastm18
2021-05-07 at 11:25
< report >It is finished
#5 by merlin1710
2021-05-07 at 21:02
< report >The edited Machine translation is finished?
#6 by cubky
2021-05-08 at 10:59
< report >I thought MTL releases arent allowed on vndb...
#7 by ilucastm18
2021-05-08 at 11:01
< report >#6 dont worry, is not mtl
#8 by cubky
2021-05-08 at 11:05
< report >If the author of the patch says it is, then who am I to question:

"Also, it's more accurate to call the translation a form of edited machine translation. This is because I used Google Translate plus a number of dictionaries to help "decode" the Japanese, then applied English language knowledge to ensure the lines made grammatical sense and so on."

From: link
#9 by Tremmy
2021-05-08 at 11:08
< report >MTL or not, it is very well edited. There was definitely a lot of care put into this work from what I can see so far.
#10 by cubky
2021-05-08 at 11:42
< report >Have not seen the finished product so cannot confirm, but I am sure a lot of work went into making it at least readable.

Out of curiosity - was the godly (haha) translation of 縁結びの神様 as "Goddess of Marriage" kept in the patch?
#11 by bcirno
2021-05-08 at 11:52
< report >readable doesn't mean correct or accurate
putting efforts into mtl edit doesn't make mtl any better
and no, edited mtl isn't BeTtEr ThAn No tL aT aLl
#12 by kn1000a
2021-05-08 at 11:55
< report >Yes this is important to point out. However well-edited or proofread, this is still a work built upon MTL. I’ve seen so many claiming this is legit translation or just straight up denying it’s edited MTL. In the translator’s discord server, some members even want to hide the fact it’s based on MTL so readers don’t question it.

Readers deserve to know it’s a (well-edited) MTL and they’re the one who will decide if they should read it.
#13 by kiru
2021-05-08 at 12:46
< report >If it's MTL, then it's not belonging here though. Only official MTL releases are supposed to be listed on vndb.
#14 by Aresia
2021-05-08 at 16:37
< report >How sad for all of those who think Amayui wasn't translated at all, just because some people won't acknowledge a carefully put translation work, all because it has shreds of machine touch in it. Well, whatever. I can understand it, I am enjoying it, and freak everyone else. Lucky me, right guys?Last modified on 2021-05-08 at 16:45
#15 by Tremmy
2021-05-08 at 16:55
< report >@10 It would seem so. link
#16 by love29
2021-05-08 at 17:01
< report >I can't see any wrong with translation since i can read it without any problem.
#17 by mozsca
2021-05-08 at 17:15
< report >Even if its machine tanslated there are still people who want to read it and they probably would not mind it. If there is releases type under partial, i dont understand why its not okay to have a release under mtl type. It completely defeats the purpose of a database.Last modified on 2021-05-08 at 17:21
#18 by cubky
2021-05-08 at 17:30
< report >@15 Wow. WOW. I mean, when I saw that in the original VNR tl it got a bit of a laugh from me as I kinda expect that quality. But this is supposedly "retranslated" and (according to some) went through a ton of editorial work. Yet they still kept to "Goddess of Marriage" in the final patch.
This is actually a prime example of how (even editted) MTL sucks. Ask any dictionary for the meaning behind 縁結びの神様 and you will likely get "God of Marriage" (eg. link), but that is without any context. Here, the context is Amayui's Fia - a goddess who asks of her only apostle to have sex with any women he meets on their journey. You would not call that very marital would you. And it even increases her power as a god! Incredible that not a single person thought this is weird...Last modified on 2021-05-08 at 17:30
#19 by Aresia
2021-05-08 at 17:33
< report >@18 Whoa there, quite a spoiler you spewed. This thread probably has tons of those who hasn't played Amayui yet, so mind it a little.Last modified on 2021-05-08 at 17:35
#20 by cubky
2021-05-08 at 17:36
< report >@19 Everything I wrote about happens in like the first hour or two. I doubt that people who care for such minimal spoilers would be going through the forums. But on the off chance they are - sorry I guessLast modified on 2021-05-08 at 17:55
#21 by Aresia
2021-05-08 at 18:01
< report >Alright, the links are on the ZAP interface patch. Everything is there, which is okay enough as it was supposed to be substitute for ZAP's patch initially. Recommend anyone to wait for the improved interface patch which is still in progress, but for all intent and purpose, Amayui Castle Meister is fully translated.
#22 by soddery
2021-05-08 at 19:32
< report >Rather wait for an actual translation.
#23 by kn1000a
2021-05-08 at 19:53
< report >@17 The grip I have with this patch is how iffy the people around this were. It’s pretty common in fan TL scene nowadays; if you are doing your translation based off of an MTL then you avoid mentioning that it’s one so readers don’t ask about it. Do we need people to handhold us across the crosswalk as well? It’s a scummy tactic. As bad as MTL is readers will decide if they’re gonna go down that path or not. The translator to a lesser extent (other members in their discord mainly) instead chose to not mention this anywhere I’ve seen this patch talked about, only when someone ask they do answer. Even in this thread alone you see a bunch of people rationalizing it out that somehow it reading well in English = MTL foundation went poof. That’s not how language works.

@14 @16 and @anybody else who thinks that is the case, I’ll use an example to compare it to: A director adapting a movie off of a work. Often than not, the director is only informed of the most important plot points, and they will improvise on every other details. If you have ever seen any Hollywood adaptation of anime or books, you’ll be very familiar with this. To outsiders, the movie would look amazing and could even critically be a good movie. What about to fans of the original work? If you can answer it, then you’ll know why most people have a grip with edited MTL.
#24 by abandoned
2021-05-08 at 20:09
< report >#23 It's understandable why MTL is never a preferred solution, but in this case it's not straight MTL like other things, as each line was still revised by a human to some extent.

Also the patch page on VNDB clearly states what this patch entails. And lets be honest, this will never get an official translation.

Gotta be thankful for indie translators, they aren't getting paid to provide this for us.
#25 by Tremmy
2021-05-08 at 20:21
< report >People sure do enjoy making mountains out of moleholes. Is this what they call JOP gatekeeping? I'm at the end of chapter 2 and it reads just fine. If I'm being perfectly frank, this reads better than a lot of official stuff I've gone through. It sure as hell shits all over the Rhapsody translation.Last modified on 2021-05-08 at 20:22