Do I need to read the prequel?

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#1 by nukihunter
2021-03-03 at 05:57
< report >Is there any important part in the prequel that I need to understand first ?
#2 by hana-saiko
2021-03-04 at 00:40
< report >Hi there,

you can enjoy this title without reading / playing the first one(not exactly a prequel).
However, the concept of [Saint dorei] more elaborated in the first title so I would
recommend you to give it a try when you have the time.
#3 by rhys-s
2021-03-07 at 16:47
< report >No you don't need to read the first one, also take it as you will but i heard the first one in terms of route orders was convoluted as fuck.Last modified on 2021-03-07 at 16:47


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