Questions about Extra 2, Extra 3, and Zwei

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#1 by vnboi
2021-03-14 at 10:36
< report >So I just want to confirm for Extra 2. It's happening right, cause from what I'm seeing it's actively in development and is going to release this year at least. But I just want to make sure what I'm seeing online is correct. Also, when do you guys think it will get an English translation?

For Extra 3, does anyone think it will happen? I personally really want Asuka's after story (she was my favorite heroine). Like I'm seeing people saying it's not going to happen and then there are others saying it depends on how Extra 2 does.

Finally for Zwei, again does anyone think it is going to happen? In the first place, what exactly is Zwei about? I read online it has Saki, Satouin, and other characters as heroins (which would be really awesome because I would like Saki to have her own route and I think it would be cool. Also I think getting to understand the side character more in-depth would be great) but I'm not too sure. Does its development depend on how the other games they are making do, such as Extra 2 and maybe 3, or is it just on how Sprite feel?

Final question not really related to the topic, but what exactly is happening with Sprite? Like I know they shut down and now are restarting, but is it that like temporary? Cause I see people say after Sprite announced they are restarting and making Extra 2, that after they finish they were going to stop making any more games. Like will they continue to make games or are they only restarting to make Extra 2, get the money, and then shut down again? I feel like if they made Extra 3 and Zwei (not sure about Extra 4 since Rika doesn't seem that popular) they would make a lot of money and probably gain new fans.
#2 by vario
2021-03-14 at 11:08
< report >iirc they mentioned developing a completely new game alongside Extra 2 but so far there were no details on that one


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