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Sweet Forbidden Romance Story Recommendations

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#1 by colossal
2021-03-15 at 01:05
< report >Hey barfboy, I was browsing through VNDB and noticed that in 2012 you mentioned how the VN "Subete Ubatte Yaru!" was surprisingly a sweet forbidden romance story and one of your top 5 incest stories you had at the time (link). I'm really interested in those types of forbidden romance stories that have more of a plot (e.g. not just a nukige), so I would be glad if you could please send over your non-nukige forbidden romance recommendations (it's fine if a few are somewhat of a nukige, I'm just more interested in the plot/feel of forbidden romance/incest [can also be a forbidden love w/ the teacher]). Preferably the Japanese ones instead of English.
#2 by barfboy
2021-03-15 at 10:38
< report >My first reaction is to go through my listings and post ones that fit the criteria with my highest ratings.

So that would be
Yome Sagashi ga Hakadori Sugite Yabai.
specifically Ashihara Kirino route. This is one of my all time favorite endings ever.
Tokimeki Memorial 2
Asou Kasumi route
Flyable Heart
Inaba Yui route
Kurano-kunchi no Futago Jijou
all routes
Angel Ring
specifically Toomi Sana
It's really cute and fluffy
Komorebi ni Yureru Tamashii no Koe for a priest who's supposed to be caring for orphans and starts up a forbidden romance with them.
Pure Marriage ~Akai Ito Monogatari - Sakura Hen~ in a sense. Might not be what you're looking for but I loved it
Clover Point most certainly but only with Takanashi Yaya route
Kagikko Shoujo ~Hizashi no Naka no Orusuban~ for lolicon. The story is not what you think (read my review if you want to know why. Read the spoilers at your own risk)
Magical Charming!
specifically Natsumoto Fuuka route
Natsuiro no Sunadokei
specifically Serizawa Kaho route because her father will not allow him to date her
Nekonade Distortion
Reika no Yakata ~Saimin Yuugi e no Shoutaijou~ this is a nukige but I'll add it because it's worth it
Gakushoku no Oba-san ~Kaa-san no Shiru no Aji~ this is pretty good but is somewhat of a nukige

I can keep going but the quality isn't as high as what I already listed.
#3 by colossal
2021-03-15 at 21:14
< report >Thank you so much for the recommendations! Kurano-kunchi no Futago Jijou is what caught my attention the most at the moment but Gakushoku no Oba-san and some other ones also look interesting to me, I will definitely be going through this list!


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