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#1 by uyyyu
2021-03-25 at 15:37
< report >It really is rare (maybe not so rare but still) that a game supposed to be the part of such incredible series feels this much lacking that really makes me wonder if the creators seriously thought this to be a grand successor of that magical Amakano ? This game had so much potential for further development, to surpass its grand predecessor but sadly, that didn't happen. As for what did happen really made me tired as i was playing both this game together with the original Amakano for the very first time and had to pause the original to end this sad sequel ASAP.....

I seriously can't believe they just pasted that same plain, old Girlfriend+Boyfriend ending on all characters!!! After all that route development and confession, is this is how it ends. No wedding ? not even kids ? not even one scene for them.... WHYYY ?!!!! (GRRRRR)

Thankfully,Amakano series includes many other games, just like the original game, that feature those destined endings. Really glad to see this one RUDE fish hasn't polluted the entire pond. (PHEW)

Was it really necessary to insert so much verbal abuse targeted at the protagonist in this game ?.... It started so good, so amazing.... that chance meeting at train and that strongly hinted red string of fate-related elements.... yet, to think "that" would happen. I never thought much of characters with poisonous tongue, of course before playing this game. Maybe because non of them had such "unexpected" intimacy with the protagonist.

Visual Novels are different in various ways but one thing i believe will always remain same for them and will always carry the same charm, no matter how good or bad the game is - the charm of unexpected encounters and their outcome. It really is a novel theme. To encounter someone special at the train or anywhere else, and to gradually advance from there, together forever. I really expected so much from this game due to this very beginning. But Sadly, it is what it is.


Do we have some tag/trait regarding unexpected encounters as shown in this game's beginning ?

Thx!!! \(◦^⌣^◦)/
#2 by styr
2021-04-17 at 06:21
< report >Yuuhi has had some of the best character development in the entire Amakano series. Yes, she has a "poisonous tongue" and does technically "verbally abuse" the MC, but it wasn't that different from Second Season's Honami. The biggest difference was that Honami was upfront about being a tsundere, whereas Yuuhi hides behind a facade.

As for them doing the "same plain old Girlfriend+Boyfriend ending on all characters!!!", that is part of the formula that makes up Amakano. Are you going to complain that the Amakano "+" titles show the couples all happily married with children? What, exactly, were you expecting?

Lastly, going by the delay between the original Amakano and Amakano+ - and also Second Season and Season Season+ - which was almost exactly two years in both cases, Azarashi has another year to go before they will probably release Amakano 2+. Patience.


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