Hapymaher GD *spoilers*

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#1 by playcool92
2021-03-29 at 18:54
< report >First 15-20 hours, I choose Saki as the first route, I think may have been a mistake, since I wanted to leave Maia's to just before Alice's, and I heard that Maia's is just an alternative version for Saki's (makes sense to me to play one after the other then), with a rather bitter ending, and from what I have played so far, it is obvious Maia is dead, and that she is not going to come to life, so really, while I m enjoying the reading a lot currently, I was not expecting to feel as sad, as soon.

Came to the VN expecting something happier, not this... in Chrono Clock, sure there is some drama with the MC's sister being blind, but Hapyhamer is way heavier on those regards, and I foresee a rather dark conclusion to Maia's plot, and she is a rather likable character from everything I have seen, so these damm feels...

Think I m going to go for Keiko as my second route, realized I enjoyed her personality above the other girls, outside Maia, but overall, it is an enjoyable cast so far.
Alice feels the weakest girl to me right now, which worries me slightly about her having a true end route.

Some dream sequences are rather boring and don't make sense to the point of being annoying though.

Outside the dialogue, the art is good, but the main seller so far has been the OST for me, had to download even, and I m still far from finishing the VN, 4-5 songs have stuck with me so far, as in, they add tons of layers whenever they play, some really sad and beautiful songs, but also some tracks that really make me very cheerful, OST way better than Chrono Clock so far.Last modified on 2021-03-31 at 19:44
#2 by kiru
2021-03-29 at 19:07
< report >You should tag the topic with a (spoilers) if you want to spoil.
#3 by playcool92
2021-03-30 at 19:30
< report >#2 This is a game discussion though, obviously there would be spoilers.
Now, I dunno much about using bbc code and the like here, but I could have added spoilers to the title, but seems I can't edit said title any longer.
#4 by playcool92
2022-11-20 at 22:42
< report >Finnaly got to finish this VN.
Plot dragged so much, Alice was clearly the worst character in the game, worst choice for True Route, but at least Yuuko was tons more relatable.

Keiko, Maia and the OST saved this VN to me, which needed way better pacing and heroines, some comedy moments where golden, but there is soo much boring SoL in between.
Such a wasted potential, and having to read the Fandisk to see the conclusion to the romance...


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