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#1 by kei-tr
2021-03-30 at 16:26
< report >
Translated by the esteemed memetician, Blick Winkel, and edited by the guy with a meme of a name himself, DxS!

For some reason I have bad feelings about it. Let's hope for the best without having too high expectations.Last modified on 2021-03-30 at 16:50
#2 by usagi
2021-03-30 at 18:01
< report >Definitelly is not going to be released in steam unless they cut loli sisters completely. Twincest is too good for western audience ))Last modified on 2021-03-30 at 18:02
#3 by vario
2021-03-30 at 18:12
< report >Blick has translated a smee game for them already so you can just take a look at it
#4 by mrkew
2021-03-30 at 18:30
< report >#2 What the fuck do you mean, loli. There's one loli in the game and she has no route. They can at most cut the sprite viewer with her naked sprite.
#5 by usagi
2021-03-30 at 18:39
< report >#4 Idk, Izumi sisters looks like oppai loli for me.
#6 by mrkew
2021-03-30 at 18:51
< report >No. I don't think so.
#7 by omikron
2021-03-30 at 19:02
< report >Well, at least up to now every single on of their games have been released on Steam aswell.
Let's hope that continues.
#8 by vninfohata
2021-03-30 at 19:14
< report >Nekonyan has no problems releasing things on steam.
#9 by kei-tr
2021-03-31 at 04:29
< report >Actually, I was trying to be a little subtle, that's why I didn't explicitly said anything about what I really meant but it seems nobody got my point. I was talking about last asa project "translation" by nekonyan and state of that "translation". On the top of that words like "esteemed memetician" or the "guy with a meme of a name himself" worries me even more. It's feels like even nekonyan themselves admitting this is not a translation but "memeslation".
#10 by vario
2021-03-31 at 07:05
< report >Yes, it's awful how meme games are translated with memes.
#11 by acereishiki
2021-03-31 at 13:16
< report >Did it make you laugh like a good comedy? Or did it make you cringe? Those were purely subjective of course, but I was pretty fine with it, because frankly, I doubt directly translating Japanese jokes into English would be any better. The language and culture is just too different.

Seriously, the people triggered by NekoNyan's Sankaku need to calm down for a bit. That game is a story with entertainment purpose, not a freaking manual or guidebook, where everything need to be perfectly translated. I'm confident that I wouldn't enjoy listening to a foreign song that was very literally translated into my native language either, same thing here.


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