Did Takahiro really write this?

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#1 by kougamin
2021-04-01 at 12:16
< report >This is different from what he usually brings out.

It has a (rather) lengthy story that follows (somewhat) coherent paths. Rather than only focusing on the heroines, it shows more about the setting itself and the political intrigue between the different factions.

Hm, maybe I've got too used to Majikoi utter nonsense - although fun - to give the guy some credibility.
#2 by vario
2021-04-01 at 18:18
< report >Takahiro also created stuff like Akame ga Kill and Yuuki Yuuna so it's not like he's always doing simple (not in a bad way) comedy stories.
#3 by kiru
2021-04-02 at 06:43
< report >The only thing that's fairly coherent with Takahiro is how he loves to mess up the climax/final part of his stories. I think he dislikes doing "standard" stuff, but doesn't realize that the result is always making the entire story have no reason to exist in the first place. Both Majikoi and Tsuyokiss had that, where the entire route was about trying to do something, but then they didn't manage to do it in the end.

Any kind of story needs a reason for things to exist. And there's none in those cases. It's fine to do this, but the focus needs to lie on the "dealing with the failure" afterwards, with the failure being a fairly early thing. When it happens at the very end, with just a 5 minute epilogue dealing with it, it's just unsatisfying, as the entire route was spent on literally nothing of value.
A good story simply is, to an extend, predictable, as things build up. Trying to be unpredictable with what will feel like nothing but a random asspull is a bad writing habit that's unfortunately fairly spread. Mind you, predictable doesn't equal good. Especially because you can predict all kinds of things, including terrible tropes, which is never fun.
#4 by krykry
2021-04-03 at 16:02
< report >You need to take into consideration that this is the next Majikoi, a kyarage, and this is all a setup for countless expansions like Majikoi had (Majikoi S, A1 to A5 etc). We can already see three factions with lots of heroines to make routes for, as well as mentions of characters that have yet to appear, and two more continents to discover with potentially more girls. So far, we got only three actual routes, with more pseudo-routes that exist to act as teasers for the girls' full routes in fan discs (this was done in Majikoi S with Benkei where she got a scene, and she got her real route in A-1).

This "base" story is going to be milked for years to come. And I'm sure there will be a chance to improve on the story too (like it has between original Majikoi and Majikoi S.

**Taking that into consideration, this is a really well thought-out base for a kyarage.Last modified on 2021-04-04 at 18:20
#5 by omnixd
2021-04-03 at 20:44
< report >I really hope they DO release new routes or a very long expansion for the existing sub routes... as they aren't routes at all which kills me inside. Still, can't wait for Wagahime S lmao.
#6 by niyari
2021-04-05 at 18:49
< report >An easy way to tell if something is written by Takahiro is if there's an Esdeath type character as a heroine.
#7 by danteas
2021-04-06 at 00:25
< report >#6 fuck, how the fuck did i fail to notice this
#8 by styr
2021-05-07 at 11:31
< report >Didn't Mine win the Tatsumibowl, not Esdeath?
#9 by menshishi
2021-05-15 at 16:32
< report >#3 I think its most evident in Tsuyokiss like you said. Alternatively, I think its a lot better in Majikoi. Case in point, Momoyo's route. The failure IS early, and the struggle is all the more endearing for it imo. Most of the good Majikoi series routes are the one where the failure is early on, leading to actual work being put in o Yamato's part.

Anyways I'm very intrigued by what OP said about this one. It sounds different and interesting in its own way as a story, and honestly I welcome that rather than reject it.
#10 by kobashisensei
2021-05-20 at 11:21
< report >I can't understand what people see in this game other than that it "supposedly" is by the writer of Majikoi. Although it's probably more safe to say, that people just want to see Wagi's art. Obviously that's the main selling point of the game especially when I reached that scene in the first route where the princess is just basically showing you differnet costumes, three or four I dont remember anymore.
Each has a single CG, literraly with a few mouse clicks apart, which has no use whatsoever, since it has no bearing on the story nor is it used in any H scenes, in a game that uses CG so sparingly.
I'm not even sure what they were thinking wasting CG like that when there's aready hardly any CG to go around in a meaningful way.

Minato already tried to pull something like this with "Anekouji Naoko to Gin'iro no Shinigami"
That game already felt like this one. Basically a Fandisk for an already existing game, rather than an actual new IP from Minato.
Thankfully that didn't really take off back then.

Not sure why some people want side routes when there's not even main routes for the heroines. You just chose one route and somewhere along the line you end up with the selected herione madly in love with you for no apparent reason and even that is only at the end of said route. No chemistry between protag and heroines.
I played two routes, the third I just didn't have any willpower anymore. You could say that the story itself is good, although under developed for something this long.
You could actually take out the main protag and still it would have almost no impact on the story for the most part.
There is the Story +Heroine +Hero and it feels like they exist separately from each other and the pacing is all over the place.
That's what you get when you try writing a story for milking expansions/dlc you name it.
Also the writer tries so hard making it feel like majikoi in fantasyverse and failing miserably.
Only redeming quality is that like in Majikoi, the hero is not a complete pushover/hetare crap that shit killed hundreds of otherwise good vns already, it needs killing with fire.
#11 by altonan
2021-05-20 at 23:52
< report >@1

Rather than only focusing on the heroines, it shows more about the setting itself and the political intrigue between the different factions.

Is the political/faction stuff any good though? Or is it complete garbage? I'm only asking cuz reading Akame ga Kill made me realised that Takahiro can not write anything resembling subtly or nuance. I had actually heard lots of good things about Majikoi and was going to give it a try but after discovering that it had the same writer as Akame ga Kill it was promptly placed back onto my backlog.Last modified on 2021-05-21 at 09:17
#12 by messiahprinny
2021-05-21 at 02:44
< report >I hated Akame ga Kill and was shocked when I learned Takahiro wrote it. Majikoi is one of my favorite VNs. Majikoi is very different from AgK. There's actually tons of character development and good comedy. AgK seemed to have all of Takahiro's worst tendencies but none of his best qualities as a writer. Majikoi isn't edgy or shallow, but it can be pretty juvenile but in a fun way. Akame ga Kill feels like Takahiro got free of editorial control and doubled down on edgy bullshit.
#13 by flvbycjctnheheh
2021-05-21 at 09:58
< report >@12 And yet, Akame ga Kill is his most profitable project, lol.
#14 by altonan
2021-05-21 at 11:22
< report >@13 That probably has to due with the fact that manga/anime is just more profitable than vn/eroge in general due to it having a wider reaching customer base. After all you can't exactly market most of his other work to children.
#15 by flvbycjctnheheh
2021-05-21 at 12:51
< report >@14 Nah, he made a lot of other manga which wasn't very popular. Some ideas just have more chance to become popular than others. For example, Sword Art Online is nothing special, but its main idea made it into one of the most popular series out there.
#16 by mrkew
2021-05-21 at 13:16
< report >#15 Well, in some way SAO was revolutionary. The prototype of SAO was published in form of H-manga in 2000. That's 2 years before .hack, so it's the first "stuck in mmo" story as far as I know.
#17 by vario
2021-05-21 at 14:01
< report >(reminder that a bunch of Takahiro's eroge got a TV anime adaptation)
#18 by altonan
2021-05-21 at 22:30
< report >@18
it's the first "stuck in mmo" story as far as I know

The Matrix: Am I a joke to you?
#19 by mrkew
2021-05-21 at 22:33
< report >Do you know what mmo means?
#20 by altonan
2021-05-21 at 22:55
< report >Eh, MMO, simulated reality, tomayto, tomahto. It doesn't help that SAO represents MMO's about as well Naruto represents ninja's or Fairy Tail represents mages/wizards. Or to loop back to the original topic, about as well as Akame ga Kill represents assassins.

Do you know what mmo means?

Apparently not. But again then, neither does SAO's author.Last modified on 2021-05-21 at 22:59
#21 by yuez
2021-08-07 at 10:41
< report >@2 Wait....so the person that wrote KimiAru and MajiKoi also wrote Akame ga Kill? That's not so bad until you think about the sequel he also made, Hinowa ga Crush.....If you know, you know.
#22 by danteas
2021-08-07 at 15:07
< report >#21 is it that bad ?
#23 by yuez
2021-10-10 at 05:35
< report >#22 Oh mb. Haven't logged onto this site in a while. But basically there's a lot of rapey stuff later on. Straight up NTR if you get attached to this one male character. He gets killed and beheaded. The guy who kills him shows his decapitated head to his waifu and then rapes her at first sight. It just takes the edge a little too far.


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