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#1 by otakuvnovel
2021-04-04 at 03:19
< report >I would have liked Kuna to be a daughter related by blood although fia is a deity and it is impossible but .. heheh
#2 by mikiru
2021-04-04 at 06:45
< report >... I don't know what exactly you are thinking, but I'll tell you just in case. There will be no h-scenes with her.Last modified on 2021-04-04 at 07:17
#3 by diabloryuzaki
2021-04-04 at 16:04
< report >#2 eh, really? it is eushully so i think that kind of scene will appear later
#4 by mikiru
2021-04-04 at 18:04
< report >No. EU on their page confirmed that nothing vulgar will happen to her. Game about "family", so lolicons with a father/daughter fetish pass by.
#5 by otakuvnovel
2021-04-04 at 19:12
< report >#2 I did not mean that, but that I would have liked her to be the legitimate daughter of Avaro and Fia
#6 by Mrkew
2021-04-04 at 20:30
< report >#5 A legitimate daughter that the MC would fuck. I agree.
#7 by flvbycjctnheheh
2021-05-19 at 08:52
< report >Lolis are cute and all, but she's, like, 7-year-old or younger. Technically speaking, fapping on lolis like Iol and Micheju doesn't make you a pedo as they seem to hit their puberty already, but the daughter is way too young for this shit, lol.Last modified on 2021-05-19 at 08:52
#8 by hector
2021-06-07 at 08:00
< report >While it is still early to assume in full detail how her role will be played out in this sequel, I would guess that Kuna’s role in the story and her relationship with the lead characters might be similar to Yui from Sword Art Online. A hypothetical comparison would look something like this:

Avaro and Fia are the main male and female lead of their story and are romantically dearest to each other. Kuna sees them as her parents, whether or not they are biologically related to her. In return, they treat her as their own daughter and they become a “mama”, “papa” and loli daughter family. Kuna becomes the main supporting loli and may even end up saving her ‘parents’ somewhere into the story.

If this turns out true, the ‘family’ situation would very much mirror the way SAO Kirito and Asuna are seen as “mama” and “papa” by Yui, and in return, adopted her as their own daughter. They also became a “mama”, “papa” and loli daughter family. Kirito and Asuna were also the main male and female lead of their story and are also romantically closest to each other. After bonding with them, Yui became the main supporting loli and has indeed saved her ‘parents’ from an enemy they couldn’t defeat.

By the way, Kuna actually does call Avaro and Fia パパ (papa) and ママ (mama), exactly the way Yui also calls Kirito and Asuna in SAO.

With all the apparent similarities, I wonder if this were a coincidence or if Eushully took inspiration from Sword Art Online with the conception of their character Kuna.Last modified on 2021-06-07 at 08:22


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