Showcase of Online Visual Novel Communities

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#1 by NowItsAngeTime
2021-04-12 at 16:36
< report >I made a kinda new/unique video: talking about major online visual novel communities I was aware of. Visual Novels are kind of a niche medium so I wanted to highlight some of the more popular ones.

Since vndb is a fairly popular place to talk about VNs, figured I'd include it in.

#2 by lucumo
2021-04-13 at 05:23
< report >Had too much time and clicked on a video for the first time (shame on me). Wouldn't call it a "showcase", considering it just shortly mentions some places. As for Discord: You can't create/use your own servers, doesn't matter what Discord calls things. Not to mention Discord is a nightmare if you care about your data and/or privacy. VNDB is also definitely lacking in games and as thus, in screenshots. Add to that wrong data for some entries and it's not as good as it's made out to be in the video. Apart from that, there are some really large forums around where VNs are part of the whole. Other options are those along the lines of what Hongfire used to be. If you are looking for depth, 4chan (not a fan of it, same with reddit and the like) is probably the best, together with more niche forums/places. More mainstream places are generally rather superficial which includes VNDB where (looking at active posters) only a handful or two know what they are talking about. Compared to other databases, it never attracted the more "hardcore" crowd, though, there are reasons for that of course.


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